MUST SEE… Steve Bannon Defines This Historic Moment: “For Only The Third Time In History, The Nation’s Destiny Is Tied To One Man – Donald Trump” (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon delivered the most important monologue of his life on Friday morning following the arrest of President Donald John Trump on Thursday night by a rogue District Attorney.

Steve captured the moment like no one else can.

Steve Bannon: President Trump as I say, my theory of this case is quite simple.

Only twice in this providential entity we call the United States of America, this nation against all odds that was created and built upon the shoulders of the most extraordinary collection of individuals in mankind’s history that did this. Over, I don’t know, hundreds of years. Really, essentially, yes, our leaders at certain times, like during the Revolution and other periods, were incredibly well educated men of the enlightenment. Back in the Revolution, incredibly educated, you could tell this by the documents. Then you had in the Civil War someone like Lincoln, who was self educated, right?

Remember Lincoln for most of his life really had the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare, the King James version of the Bible and I think Plutarch’s lives of the Noble Romans and Greeks were really what he was able to self educate himself. I think later Euclid’s Geometry and others as he got more intense in his thirties and forties to really stop being a laborer and become a lawyer. Extraordinary individuals. Only twice in this Republic’s history has the fate of the individual been inextricably linked with the destiny of this Republic.

And that’s where we are today. And that’s one of the reasons the left goes out of the way, they go out of the way, saying, “This is a cult of Trump.” This is a cult of nothing. There’s no cult of Trump about this.

If you can pull back up for a moment, that photo, what they call the mug shot, and just look at that. At first, when it first came up, I actually thought it was a painting. I mean, think of the pressure somebody’s under and delivering the moment. This is about the ability to grab the moment. That is what leaders do. They grab the moment when it happens. This is you saw on the stage the other night, Ron DeSantis and all you simps out there, and I said this now for a long time, and everybody that abandoned Trump and went there is just you need to have the right stuff. Part of the ‘right stuff’ is knowing how to own the room. And you own the room by you step into the moment and you grab it by the throat.

You either have that or you don’t. Ron DeSantis just doesn’t have it. He’s not going to be president of the United States. So everything around that and all the Murdochs, and this is why I’m on the Murdochs and what they’re trying to do here, because it’s self evident to people that know him. Yet they’ve spent now billions of dollars in TV time to try to promote him to thwart Trump. Why? Because Trump cannot be controlled. Think about it for a second. Just step back, pull the camera back for a minute. Two impeachments, four indictments, now almost what, 700 years in prison, 90 some indictments.

You see them cackling on MSNBC in the New York Times newsrooms. They want him to serve that time.

Don’t doubt for a second. They want him to die in prison.

I want you to put that in a context of the sweep of American history. Think about that for a second. What was Donald Trump’s crime? And Donald Trump to them has an unforgivable crime that he should die in prison. And as Nicolle Wallace was cackling the other day on the show, when she’s so happy about the conditions inside of the Fulton County Jail, about how horrific it is, they want him to suffer like that. They want him to die like that. This is why Tucker Carlson look, Tucker Carlson is a very smart guy. Tucker Carlson tucker Carlson is also a guy. If you watch his show, tucker’s not into clickbait. Tucker’s not throwing stuff. He’s not a wise guy, as Trump would say. He’s not a wise guy. Tucker asked very important questions that can lead to other things.

The two most important parts of Tucker’s interview tonight was about Trump’s potential assassination of Trump, or violence against Trump, and then ended about a civil war of which Sarah Palin then reinforced last night. That’s what they’re trying to bait us into. Remember, they want the death of Trump. They want his memory to be expunged. They want him to become a non-person. Was this not what Rupert Murdoch told people that we have that have told people the famous story? He wanted Trump to become a non-person? Back in January of 2021 did the war room in this audience, the core audiences at the time, did you believe that when everybody abandoned him on the 20 January, when the Air Force One took off for the last time to go back to Florida. And around the war room on Capitol Hill, you had hundreds of troops that were deployed, National Guard that were deployed, full up armored, and all the Republicans ran and left and hid and abandoned.

We didn’t. Why? Why was that? Very simple. What Trump represents is a taking the country to the next level. Remember these figures that they like General Washington and Lincoln, they go, oh, they united the country. No, they did not unite the country until their actions were complete. They were quite divisive. We say how could General Washington be divisive? Only a relative handful of people actually fought in the revolution. Remember, the Declaration of Independence is incredible. It is a divinely inspired document, but it is just a document. It inspires people. It laid out the argument for the founding of the country and the breaking off of the empire. But it took eight years of a quite brutal war that at any time we could have lost and folded in, or we wouldn’t be an independent country. That was Washington.

And you don’t think he was divisive? How many people signed up for the Continental Army, how many people showed up for the militias? How many times did he become within an inch of losing it all? But to keep that small embattled army intact, which was the point of the exercise, he was quite divisive at the time until he won. And then he brought the country together and then the foundational elements of the Constitution and his presidency in his second term, and most importantly, walking away at the end of the second term – laid the whole foundational element from the French and Indian War all the way to that divisive and then unity.

Unity through victory.

Lincoln, same thing. Lincoln was a minority president even as the popular vote> If you add up the popular vote with the four candidates with Lincoln, I think Lincoln got 41% of the vote. Popular vote. Popular vote overwhelmingly won the electoral vote but the popular vote, I think there are five states. There are five states he did not receive a vote. Not an electoral vote. A vote. And then the trial of fire of this country in a civil war of which so many times it could have cratered. And only and remember, he puts out a controversial memo, one they still refer to to his cabinet in August of 1864 when it looks like they’re going to be defeated by his former general, McClellan, who’s run against him as a peace Democrat to bring the country together. What did McClellan want to do? He wanted to unite the country. They want to bring the country together. They want to bring the country to bear. They want the country unified. And Lincoln tells his cabinet, hey, you know, it’s looking pretty grim because it doesn’t look like we’re going to take this one. So I want to have a plan that we have to figure out how to finish this conflict before we turn it over in March. And quite frankly, the way it’s actually written, people actually question was he going to turn it over in March of 1865? That’s the controversy about the memo to the Cabinet… It was only the fall of Atlanta by General Sherman and then the troops, the overwhelming support of Lincoln by the Union Army that swept him to a massive victory note in history. He didn’t even run as a Republican. It was so controversial. They ran as a unity party. I think it was called the New Union Party. He had a Democrat as his running mate. They got rid of Hannibal Hamlin in Maine, the Republican, and put Johnson on. Remember East Tennessee, those Appalachian folks down there never loved the aristocracy in the South. That was it. The second time Lincoln wins and through victory then brings the country together.

This is Trump – only the third time in history inextricably linked in an individual’s fate with the destiny of the country.

And now it’s more obvious than ever. And why is that? Because Trump understood that the elites in this country had become globalist and they had put the interest of international entities, international capital markets, and international players above the American citizens and the nation itself. That’s his unforgivable crime.

In their eyes, he needs death in prison. You don’t think if you went to Morning Joe this morning, you went to all those people, Joy Ann Reed, they want to serve all 700 years and have his memory totally expunged as a black mark in American history. It is exactly the opposite.

And that’s why I have said from day one, there’s nothing to compromise about. There is no coming together. Just like in the Revolution and the Civil War, one side is going to win and one side is going to lose. And the side that wins will then do what they do. And that side is going to be us. As sure as the turning of the Earth, it will be us, because it can’t be any other way. And remember, this only stops when we say it stops.

Always remember that. Only when you decide that it’s over, is it over. And that’s what they hate and they can’t take it. They don’t have the grit, they don’t have the toughness. They determination. They don’t have, wait for it, the right stuff.

Is Trump perfect? No, he is far from perfect. He is a quite imperfect vessel. He is a quite imperfect instrument. And his imperfections actually are strengths, because this is not about a cult or looking for a messiah. We have a Messiah. We have one today. We don’t need another. We need an instrument. And Trump is that instrument. Think about it for a second. Not just when he came down the escalator in 2015. He had absolutely no incentive when he went back to Mar-a-Lago to do this again. And in fact, if he had just built his business and gone his way, they would have celebrated and none of this would have happened. None of the indictments would have happened. None of the shutting down of his businesses would have happened. None of the trying to put his kids and his family and everybody in a bankruptcy would have happened. None of that would happen. He made a conscious decision to come back and do it again.

And this is why his fate is inextricably linked with the destiny of this republic.

Because, trust me, at the end of this fight, we’re going to be one thing or the other. We’re either going to be the republic that was bequeathed to us, a constitutional republic by the rule of law that was bequeathed to us, are we’re going to be something quite different.

Sheer brilliance. Thank you, Steve. Thank you for defining this moment in history.

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