Muskegon Cover-Up: City Illegally Denies TGP Access to Michigan Voter Documents

The Muskegon voter fraud investigation, captured on a police report from 2020 that outlines that 8000-10000 fraudulent voter applications were turned in on one day, and another batch of 2,500, are being illegally covered up through the denial of access to the underlying documents. Multiple requests by the Gateway Pundit to review this evidence of systemic voter fraud have been denied even though the denials go against state law.

The Gateway Pundit went and requested access to these voter registration applications in the City of Muskegon under two separate provisions of Michigan law.

TGP asked to inspect them pursuant to a citizen’s right to visually inspect the voter records in-person, this was denied on the basis that they claim they no longer have the records because they were seized by law enforcement. The Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch told the Gateway Pundit she does not have any of the records or even any copies of them.

TGP also asked, pursuant to Michigan’s Open Records law, referred to as the Freedom of Information Act of “FOIA”, to be allowed access to view the public records held by the Clerk or to receive a copy with privacy information redacted. That too has now been rejected.

There is no provision of Michigan law which allows a clerk to refuse the public access to visually review these documents, but they are illegally doing it anyway.

There is no provision that allows law enforcement to seize and remove from public review public documents like this, but they are illegally doing it anyway. 

The request was sent to the Muskegon Clerk, but it was denied by the Muskegon Police Department.

The Muskegon Police and the Muskegon City Attorney John Schrier also make objections to releasing these documents with obvious internal inconsistencies in their argument. They say they can’t release the fraudulent applications because of ‘privacy concerns’ but also because they’re subject to an ‘ongoing criminal investigation.’

This matches what the Muskegon City Police told TGP as well. Confidentially, a source has told the Gateway Pundit that, despite what the Police have said about federal officials taking all the files, they city has kept a copy of the voter registration documents. 

The City may have given away the originals to the FBI, but copies of these documents could still further confirm the widespread fraud committed by GBI Strategies. There’s no legal authority to deny public access to these public documents.

If the applications are fraudulent, then there’s no privacy interest involved because the names were faked. If the names were stolen in a case of identity theft of possibly 12,000 or more people, then why hasn’t anyone been charged with such a crime in the past three years? Privately, the Muskegon Police have told us they are frustrated at the way this case is being stonewalled and confirm that their original police report is completely accurate.

They can’t have it both ways. If the applications were faked: there’s no privacy interest. If the applications were real: then why weren’t they enrolled into the voter file?

These ballot applications, even fraudulent ones, are able to be inspected by the public under Michigan law. The Gateway Pundit wants to investigate these files to show that they were clearly fraudulent, which is no doubt why the officials want to refuse us access to these files.

This is the ongoing cover-up of systemic election fraud that election investigators have dealt with for years since the 2020 election.

One local election integrity investigator, Chris Kaijula, told the Gateway Pundit:

“When we first FOIA’d the Muskegon City clerk, they didn’t even know they received one. They had a special mailbox they never looked at. Even after I told them, it took them 86 days to complete my simple FOIA for a list of everyone who voted in 2020. Our group asked for poll book information, and you have a right to get that, but they denied us based on it possibly being ‘personal information.’ They could have redacted and sent that to us, but instead they denied us outright.”

Election Integrity Investigator Chris Kaijala

Kaijula continued, “They even denied us the basic pollbook information. We think they did this because they don’t want us to see what they’re doing. The first time I asked them for absentee ballot lists, they denied that too, and then when I fought it they eventually sent it but they made sure to do extra work to make it unsearchable for us. Other requests they just ignore. I can’t find a lawyer who will sue them. They don’t give a damn about us or the law. We’re supposed to have a right to this information, but in reality it depends on which clerk you end up dealing with, it’s not the rule of law we’re dealing with, it’s the rule of clerks,” said Chris Kaijala, Election Integrity Investigator in Muskegon County.

The obvious reason for the stonewalling by law enforcement controlled by far-left extremist officials like Dana Nessel and extreme-left Attorney General Merrick Garland is that the subjects involved are tied to 70+ left-wing campaign organizations, and was part of a massive effort to defeat Trump by any means necessary where they received money from dozens of prominent left-wing billionaires.

The Gateway Pundit has been breaking the news related to the Muskegon Voter Fraud investigation, where we revealed a previously-suppressed police report about systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election and that the supposed investigation has languished for three years, contrary to the many public statements and lies from Michigan’s far-left Attorney General Dana Nessel that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

Nessel’s own office has been involved in covering-up and suppressing this investigation for years. Dana Nessel is a chronic liar.

far left extremist Dana Nessel

They denied TGP access to view the documents when we arrived in-person to inspect the documents, letting us know that the FBI is the one in custody of the documents and covering-up the criminality in the case. GBI was operating illegally, but there’s zero enforcement of any one of the number of laws that they have broken.

Crimes of Fraud, Forgery, Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, Identity Theft, are all suggested by the police report but yet there have been no indictments in nearly three years. The presence of preloaded credit cards were potentially used to bribe people to vote, but where’s the serious investigation of this billionaire-funded out-of-state company engaged in potentially widespread, systemic voter fraud across a battleground state?

Meanwhile, far-left extremist Dana Nessel is prosecuting her 2022 Republican opponent Matt DePerno and former state Rep. Daire Rendon for daring to investigate fraud among voting machines, along with persecuting the 16 elderly 2020 Trump Electors.



Our original TGP FOIA request to the City Clerk for voter application records
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