“Most Anti-Science College” in America Set to Kick Out Students this Month for Being Unvaccinated – Senator Rand Paul Responds

The university often referred to as the “most anti-science” college in the U.S. is living up to it’s reputation once more and has drawn the ire of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Ourtkick.com reported Friday that Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey has confirmed that it will disenroll students who refuse to comply with their vaccine requirement.

Outrageously, this has been Rutgers’ standard policy since August 2021 according to the Brownstone Institute. On March 25, 2021, it became the first university in the nation to announce it would require students to take COVID vaccines for fall 2021 enrollment.

Rutgers then doubled down in 2022 even after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the Covid shots could not prevent transmission or infection.

Rutgers as of today remains one of less than 100 universities out of 2,679 four-year colleges and universities that maintain COVID vaccine mandates.

Paul responded on X (formally Twitter) blasting this asinine policy and dropped some brutal facts regarding the risks of myocarditis in vaccinated young people compared to ones who have not taken the shot.

Requiring 3 COVID vax for college freshman is not just bad science but malpractice. Risk of myocarditis is 28x higher in young men w/COVID vaccine than the risk of myocarditis from COVID. Germany released stats – no healthy young people died from Covid.

The student population at risk simple because university faculty members remain afraid of a virus that has evolved to be less dangerous. It will also be around forever.

The Gateway Pundit has extensively reported on the unusual number of young people who have died suddenly in recent years. Some have alleged a connection between the vaccine and these tragic passings.

In any case, science has shown time and again that young, healthy people do not need the COVID shot. When will our so-called institutions of higher-learning catch up to this reality?


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