Michigan Investigation: Suspicious Spikes in Michigan Voter Registrations Across State Occurred on the Same Day in 2020 Election

According to far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, there was no serious voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit has been reporting that major voter registration fraud was found and investigated both by the City of Muskegon and the Michigan State Police: 2500 fake registrations in one day, and 8,000-10,000 submitted on another day. Nessel admitted this was true. According to Dana Nessel and her media allies, however, that is just proof the “system works” because the fraud was caught and those fraudulent voter registrations were allegedly never added to the voter file.

Muskegon locals claim that this is a lie and that fraudulent applications were added to the voter rolls.

Nessel could not refute the police reports because the Michigan State Police and Muskegon Police have stood strongly behind their separate investigations.

But they will not allow the Gateway Pundit to verify Muskegon’s election integrity claims by examining the public records, the voter registration applications, and they have no excuse why such an obvious fraud has resulted in zero prosecutions in three years. Yet, they claim, the system worked and prevented all the potential fraud.

GBI Strategies received millions from left-wing campaigns and left-wing non-profits financed by leftist billionaires. GBI owner Gary Bell bragged about being tied to over 70 prominent left-wing organizations. One of those entities shares office space with the Michigan Democrats.

Either GBI Strategies was an excellent operation for identifying unregistered voters, or they were engaged in serious, systemic election fraud for which no one has been criminally charged.

In the City of Muskegon they nearly doubled the voter file by attempting to add 10,000-12,000 fraudulent voter registrations. For context, according to the 2021 Qualified Voter File or “QVF”, there were 15,435 registered voters who lived in the City of Muskegon and voted, 9,378 of which did so by using an absentee ballot.

So when GBI Strategies showed up to Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch with 2,500 voter registration applications in a day, and then tried to mail in and drop off another 8,000-10,000 applications, it set off alarms because it was nearly doubling the voter file in the City. Meisch called the police who investigated because the dump of registrations was so obviously unrealistic.

Yet the same suspicious spikes in voter registration applications by Clerk Meisch appear to have gone unnoticed elsewhere in Michigan.

In fact, there are many jurisdictions around Michigan that have the same similar voter registration spikes.

The same locations identified in the Muskegon and MSP police reports as being the work sites for GBI Strategies all have similar suspicious spikes, and they all happened on the same day in October.

Across at least eight separate Michigan jurisdictions, thousands of suspicious voter registration applications were dropped off on Friday, October 9th, 2020, 11 days prior to the October 20th deadline to register for the November 3rd, 2020 election.

Here’s a ‘frequency histograph’ of voter registrations by day in 2020 for the County of Muskegon, separate from the City of Muskegon, created by Chris Kaijala of the Election Integrity Force “EIF”:

One can see that the County of Muskegon’s normal daily average of 50-75 voter registration applications are dwarfed by the 1,843 that show up on October 9th, 2020.

Was this just a coincidence that both the City of Muskegon and the County of Muskegon received major spikes in voter registration applications on one day? On uniquely October 9th, 2020?

Not when you examine all the other cities where GBI Strategies was operating and compare it to the entire year of registrations:

Ypsilanti City:

Buchanan City:

Detroit City:

Flint City:

Lansing City:

Southfield City:

Taylor City:

Muskegon City:

The spikes show that thousands of voter registration applications all showed up on October 9th.

We are posting the data used to compile these graphs here.

If one only looks at October 2020, according to the 2021 QVF file, the same suspicious spikes appear in the key jurisdictions where GBI Strategies was operating: Buchanan, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Muskegon, Southfield, Taylor, and Ypsilanti. We know these locations because of the Muskegon Police and Michigan State Police reports on their investigations mention these specific places.

The major spike in voter registrations was on 10/09/2020 in all 8 jurisdictions known to be work locations for GBI Strategies in the 2020 election.

Registering fake voters is an alleged part of a scheme to cast fake ballots in the general election. This claim has been made multiple times, but direct evidence of it existing on a wide scale has been elusive for those investigating election fraud since the suspicious 2020 general election.

Chris Kaijala, former candidate for Muskegon County Commission, member of the non-partisan Election Integrity Force

Chris Kaijala ran for Muskegon County Commission in 2020. He says that this voter registration scheme was critical to ensuring that he did not win the final ‘swing vote’ on the Commission. “I was winning with 65% of the in-person vote, before the absentees flooded in. Absentees ended up being 52% of the total vote, and they were exactly the opposite of the in-person vote. 1600 people voted who never voted before and I am confident I can show 500 of those were fraudulent, where I lost the election by 292.”

Kaijala continued, “After people vote, it’s almost impossible to prove fraud though. Absentees are, by far, the easiest way to cheat the vote because of the reduced accountability. In my race I think it’s clear that they cheated, but I’ve been working hard to prove it. I just want fair elections. It’s clear groups like GBI are gaming the system for Democrats and they know no one will stop them.”

Kaijala is a Muskegon County election worker and volunteer in election data analysis for the Election Integrity Force, a non-partisan group of election integrity patriots.

Meanwhile, extreme-left Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is equating questioning election integrity to being a violent act.

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