Malik Obama Doubles Down: Calls Barack Obama as “Fake Ass a Snake” – Demands Release of Barack’s Parents’ Marriage Contract – Suggests Grandfather Might be “Freemason” or “Illuminati”

In a series of fiery tweets, Abon’go Malik Obama has intensified his criticisms against his half-brother Barack Obama.

Malik called Barack as “fake” and a “snake, and has made demands for the release of the marriage contract between Barack’s parents. He even went as far as suggesting that their grandfather might have had ties to the Freemasons or the Illuminati.

The two brothers, who share the same father but have different mothers, have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. While they were once photographed together during Barack’s visit to Kenya in 2015, their relationship has since soured, with Malik frequently expressing his disagreements with Barack’s failed policies and bad personal choices.

In a tweet, Malik Obama asked his X followers, “What a Transgender Woman folks?”

In another tweet, accompanied by a photo, Malik asked, “and… “Where’s the marriage certificate?” followed by mentioning his father, “Barack Obama Sr.”

It seems that Malik was demanding the release of the marriage contract between Barack’s parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham.

In another tweet, Malik criticized Joe Biden for sending billions of taxpayers’ money to Ukraine when Hawaii was burning.

In a more personal attack, Malik criticized Barack’s silence on the Maui wildfires, contrasting it with his vocal support for LGBTQ+ rights.

“And…Why has not fake ass a snake (President Obama) done something or said anything about this tragedy? But he has lots to say about gay books…him and his fake foundation (Chicago)…my Brother’s Keeper. Just another money making proposition. FAKE ASS A SNAKE!!”

“It’s his (President Obama)’s home state,” he wrote.

In a particularly intriguing tweet, Malik shared a glimpse into their family history, referencing pictures on their grandfather’s wall.

“My grandfather’s wall pictures. That’s some white lady, and the other, a picture of the devil. On that wall from since I was born; never got an explanation what it (they) signified. They were just my grandfather’s pictures; from his travels abroad; World War II, Burma, Zanzibar etc. He could’ve been a Freemason, or Illuminati. Who knows folks?! (That’s my father’s Harvard graduation certificate-on the right),” he wrote.

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