Leon Black Strikes Back: Embattled Financier Is Suing Law Firm Representing His Rape Accuser – Who He Says Does Not Have Autism or Down Syndrome, Has History of Making up Stories

If anyone thought that Leon Black was just gonna lay back and take the rape accusations against him, they better think again. Famous for being a ruthless money manager, he has repeatedly shown that he is going to put up a fight.

You can read more about the charges here.

While Black did paid the US Virgin Islands’ prosecutors $62million to avoid being caught up in their sweeping litigation against Epstein’s estate, he has otherwise tackled his latest accuser ‘Jane Doe’ head on.

Black unleashed his investigators on her family, and his brutal latest filling attempts to demolish the whole edifice of her credibility.

Daily Mail reported:

“The Down syndrome woman accusing Leon Black of raping her when she was a teenager says he sent private investigators to her home and to her parents’ house after she filed her lawsuit against him.”

The woman alleges that two days after she filed the lawsuit anonymously, using the name Jane Doe, a white SUV parked outside her home, and did not leave until she called the police.

Then, two men claiming to be fraud investigators from Florida with photos of Jane Doe’s child visited her parents.

“They also peppered the couple with questions about Jane Doe’s medical history and childhood, and recorded the entire meeting.”

The same investigators visited Jane Doe’s aunt and tried to interview her, too, as well as one of Jane Doe’s friends.

Leon Black’ attorney’s have filed a potentially consequential document with the court, hitting back at the woman accusing him of raping her at Jeffrey Epstein’s house.

The filing claims she is lying not only about the attack, but also about having Down Syndrome and autism. Other claims are that Jane Doe ‘never left home at age 16’ and ‘has a history of making up stories and diagnoses’.

Black’s defense states that Doe’s attorneys at the law firm Wigdor are ‘hell-bent on smearing him’ and bleeding him out of a settlement.

Jane Doe’s case is the third one brought by Wigdor attorneys against Black.

Another Daily Mail report:

“Black previously beat one of the lawsuits that Wigdor filed on behalf of his ex, a Russian model, who said he raped her. Now, he is fighting this case and another by Cheri Pierson, a former receptionist who claims she too was abused by Epstein and trafficked by him to Black.” 

Black admits sending a private investigator to Jane Doe’s parents’ house, and insists the visit was not designed to intimidate them, but to do his own research into his accuser, to aide his court defense.

Jane Doe’s original complaint said she has ‘mosaic Down Syndrome’.

“In his filing today, Black’s attorneys say the woman has never been diagnosed with such a condition. 

Black’s attorneys also say that her family believe she is lying about ever being abused by Epstein.”

Black’s lawyers state that their investigation revealed that the plaintiff ‘studied those behaviors and began intentionally displaying them’.

“‘In each instance that someone agreed to speak with him, [Black’s investigator] Mr. Melendez recorded the conversation, including confirming on the recording that the individual knew they were being recorded, consented to it, and were speaking with him voluntarily and with no coercion or inducement’.”

Documents by Black’s attorneys also states that Doe’s relatives reportedly admitted that she ‘used a series of different names and personas, has a history of making up alternate realities’ — a result of a personality disorder diagnosis.

The next move by Black was aimed at the law firm behind his lawsuits.

Reuters reported:

“Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black on Monday filed a new lawsuit against a New York-based law firm that has represented three women who claimed Black raped them.

Black’s malicious prosecution lawsuit against Wigdor in New York County Supreme Court claims the firm’s business model is based on threatening ‘to sue defendants with scandalous allegations that can be avoided only at the cost of a large settlement, of which Wigdor takes a substantial cut’.”

Black has repeatedly denied the rape claims.

“‘Mr. Black intends to hold Wigdor fully accountable for its unlawful behavior’, Susan Estrich, one of Black’s lawyers, said in a statement.

Jeanne Christensen, a partner at Wigdor who has represented the women who have sued Black, said the billionaire’s claims are ‘frivolous’ and are aimed at intimidating other women and their lawyers.”

While Leon Black may be about to deliver a death blow on the lawsuit against him, that is not the total of his present Jeffrey Epstein-related troubles.

He is also under investigation in the Senate for his $158million payments to Epstein for tax and estate planning advice, as well as a a $10million charity gift – in the same month that one of his ex girlfriends received payments from a mysterious ‘E trust’.

The money was payment in exchange for her silence about her romance with Black, a married billionaire with four kids.

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