Lawmaker: New Democrat Supreme Judge Could Face Impeachment

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Court member has complained state’s electoral maps are ‘rigged’

A Democrat judge in Wisconsin, newly elected to the state Supreme Court, giving leftists the majority for the first time in years, could be facing impeachment if she refuses to recuse herself from election cases.

That’s according to a statement from Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

“If there is any semblance of honor on the state Supreme Court left, you cannot have a person who runs for the court prejudging a case and being open about it, and then acting on the case as if you’re an impartial observer,” Vos said, according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

WND recently reported how the chief justice of the court described as “shameful” the actions of the new liberal majority.

Those four, without consulting the other three members of the court, fired the court administrator.

“The court’s action today violates the Wisconsin Constitution which endows the chief justice with administrative authority. The authority of the chief justice is being undermined and eroded unlike any time in this court’s history. … This lack of respect for longstanding institutional process is reckless,” said Chief Justice Annette Ziegler in a statement after the four liberals voted, without consulting anyone else, to fire Randy Koschnick, the director of the state courts.

“A vote of four may dictate decisions of our court, but those votes are taken during formally noticed court conferences scheduled by the chief justice; no such conference has occurred,” Ziegler said. “Apparently several of my colleagues do not think court conferences are necessary to conduct court business when there is a pre-ordained determination. Their actions today effectively silence those members of the court who have not been privy to these secret discussions.”

The change in direction by the court came about because Janet Protasiewicz, a liberal, was sworn into office recently, replacing conservative Pat Roggensack, who retired.

Now Vos is confirming that Protasiewicz, who has publicly commented on the legislative redistricting process, would need to stay out of any decision on that topic.

If that doesn’t happen, Vos confirmed lawmakers might consider booting her from office.

The Examiner reported, “The race between Kelly and Protasiewicz was the most expensive race for a state Supreme Court in history, with an estimated $45 million pumped into it from special interest groups, including liberal megadonor George Soros and Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, one of America’s wealthiest families who have two of the deepest pockets in conservative politics. ”

Vox said he’ll wait to see if Protasiewicz recuses on cases that she’s prejudged.

Not doing so, he said, would be a “serious offense.”

Republicans have a majority in the assembly and a supermajority in the state senate, and could successfully impeach and remove a judge if they chose.

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