“Lawful But Not Awful” X CEO Linda Yaccarino Unveils New Orwellian ‘X’ Content Moderation Contrary to Elon Musk’s Own Remarks

Last May, X, formerly Twitter, owner Elon Musk defended the hiring of WEF globalist and former NBC Executive Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of X.  When Musk was pressed on the hiring of Yaccarino, he responded, “Don’t judge too early.  I’m adamant about defending free speech, even if it means losing money.”

“Don’t Judge Too Early” – Elon Musk Defends New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino for Advocating Content Moderation in an Old Interview (VIDEO)

In April of 2023, during an interview by Yaccarino, Musk was asked if he’d be a little more “specific, and not tweet after 3am.  People in this room would like to see that.  It would make them feel more confident.”  To which Musk responded:

“I will aspire to tweet less after 3am…but it is important that…if I were to say ‘yes you can influence me,’  that would be wrong.  That would be very wrong.  Because that would be a diminishment of freedom of speech.”

The globalist brain of Yaccarino immediately kicked into four-wheel drive to try and save Twitter from the mud bog that is “freedom of speech” (end sarcasm):

“But I want to be specific about influencing:  It’s more of an open feedback loop for the advertising experts in this room to help develop Twitter into a place where they will be excited about investing more money.  Product development, ad safety, content moderation.  That’s what the influence is.

Musk responded that “it’s totally cool to say that want to have your advertising appear in certain places on Twitter but not in other places.  But it is not cool to try to say what Twitter will do.  And if that means losing advertising dollars, we lose it.  But Freedom of Speech is paramount.

But after an X Space yesterday with Yaccarino, Musk’s definition of “paramount” took a drastic turn:  “Freedom of Speech is paramount” has just been rebranded as “Lawful but not Awfu.l

Yaccarino said yesterday that you have “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach.” This is a clear departure from putting free speech ahead of advertising dollars.  The old bait and switch.  X will argue you still have free speech.  We just won’t let anyone see it.

“We’ve introduced a new policy to your specific point about hate speech called ‘freedom of speech, not reach.‘  So if you’re going to post something that illegal, or against the law, you’re gone.  Zero tolerance.  But more importantly, if you’re going to post something that is ‘lawful but awful,‘ you get labeled.  You get labeledYou get deamplified, which means it cannot be shared.  And it is certainly demonetized, back to your direct point about brand safety, so they are protected from the risk of being next to that content.  And it’s also why it’s really important to note that once a post is labeled, and it can’t be shared, and the user sees that, 30% of the time they take it down themselves.  Staggeringly, they take it down.”


The interviewer asked “how do you define healthy though?  Is porn healthy? Is conspiracy theories healthy?”  Great question! Who is the arbiter of ‘healthy’ at X?

Yaccarino dodged the question.

X will be doing this through “content moderation tools that have never existed before at this company.”

According to Yaccarino:

“It’s really important that everyone should be allowed to have their own opinion.  Right?  And that’s really important that that’s for everyone.  Not just for what some people determine is a ‘lane’ that you should live in.  And as far as brands reacting, potentially to some of anyone’s tweets, again, that’s why we put the brand safety tools and capabilities in place, but also I think what brands are getting more and more reminded of is that the platform is not about a particular person’s tweets.  It’s about the vibrancy and the half a billion users who are on the platform.  And what that represents as opportunities for them.”

X has gone right back to putting advertisers over users, despite Musk’s April comments, and, in total genius, he’s convinced many of us, myself included, to pay him $8 a month for it.

Check out the entire X Space below, but the “censorship” gets heated at 27 minutes.


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