Latest Interviews With Ania K and Judge Napolitano on Ukraine and the War With Russia

It has been a busy and stressful couple of days. The problem with my SSL certificate occurred at 7:59pm on 10 August, which meant that anyone trying to read my blog was warned that I was a contagious leper. My host, Right Forge, fixed it but remarked, this is reallly weird. I believe I was hacked. The good news, I am back to normal (whatever that is). Thank you for your patience and concern. I was so moved by the messages of support and concern I received from this international community.

First up is my chat yesterday (Wednesday) with Ania K. A lovely, smart woman. We talk about Poland and the war in Ukraine.

Next up, a round table on intelligence with the Judge and Ray McGovern. Ray is such a gift. I hope I am as agile and competent when I reach 80.

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