Larry Johnson Reports: Activist Gonzalo Lira Speaks Out After His Release in Ukraine as He Attempts to Seek Asylum in Hungary

I want to get this up without a lot of commentary. The most important news is that Gonzalo Lira was released on bail on July 6 and is now working to secure his freedom. He announces in his videos below that he will try to enter Hungary and seek asylum. Pray for his safety and success.

I was going to post a video about Russia’s construction of the lines of defense last year in order to make the point that Ukraine, thanks to Western intelligence, had complete imagery intel of that massive construction effort. Here is the critical point — at no time during that construction did Ukraine attempt to bomb or destroy the construction equipment. Nada. That tells you that Ukraine’s ability to carry out air strikes with fixed wing aircraft is non-existent. They also did not have an adequate supply of missiles or long range artillery to hit those targets. Further evidence in my view that Ukraine’s military potency is exhausted and incapable of assembling enough offensive power to break through the Russian defensive lines.




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