Karine Jean-Pierre Mispronounces Senator Mazie Hirono’s Name – Then Calls Her a Man (VIDEO)

Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday mispronounced Senator Mazie Hirono’s name – then called her a man.

Reporters repeatedly asked Karine Jean-Pierre what Joe Biden has done in the aftermath of the deadly Maui fires.

A report from the New York Times revealed survivors of the Maui blaze are sleeping in tents and without basic supplies due to a slow response from state and federal governments.

“Most evacuees have found places to sleep in shelters or with friends. But at least a few dozen people camped out here last night under shade tents or trees, according to Ryan Taylor, who set up the site. The Ritz Carlton is apparently taking some of them in tonight.”

The Maui fire is the deadliest US blaze in more than 100 years.

Nearly 100 people are confirmed dead, and the death toll is rising.

Approximately 1,000 people are still missing.

Joe Biden doesn’t have a care in the world.

Biden smirked as he refused to comment on the deadly Maui wildfires.

The White House scrambled to make it look like Joe Biden cares about the people of Hawaii.

He doesn’t.

Karine Jean-Pierre boasted about Biden’s telephone conversation with Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono – but she mispronounced her name and misgendered her.

“Senator Herino who I said the president spoke to just last night. He thanked the president for the immediate support of federal agencies have delivered for residents of Hawaii,” KJP said.

It’s Hirono, and the senator is a woman.


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