Joe Biden Slips, Admits ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Was Misnamed (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks on his administration’s efforts to ‘lower health care costs’ in the East Room.

Healthcare costs have skyrocketed year over year, but braindead Joe Biden is going to lower the costs.

During his speech, Joe Biden admitted his gargantuan ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ was misnamed. He also claimed ‘Bidenomics’ is working.

“They started referring to my economic policy as ‘Bidenomics.’ Well, guess what? It’s working!” Biden said.

Earlier this year Democrat Senator Joe Manchin said the Biden Regime was “writing rules and regulations that are totally foreign” to what he thought was in the Marxist Green New Deal dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Manchin signed the “Inflation Reduction Act” and then he whined when the Biden Regime was not adhering to the original legislation.

In July 2022, Manchin surprised Washington DC elites and the mainstream chattering class when he announced his support for Joe Biden’s green new deal funded by nearly $800 billion in new tax hikes.

The Green New Deal’s goal is to crush the coal and energy sector while making the windmill manufacturers in China rich.

Manchin struck a deal with Schumer to pass the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” through reconciliation (no Republicans needed to pass the bill).

We all know the IRA was really the Green New Deal repackaged and renamed.

Joe Biden slipped and admitted the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ was misnamed.


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