Is This Legal Theory Trump’s Best Chance to Beat the Prosecutors?

Guest by post by Joseph Farah

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Exclusive: Joseph Farah spotlights memorandum citing ex-president’s impeachment acquittals

The National Constitutional Law Union, or NCLU, has published a legal theory that questions whether many of charges against President Trump, particularly those related to his claims about the 2000 election, are now moot – because he was not impeached and convicted by the U.S. Senate.

Given that he was impeached twice and not convicted in either case, this is something that could actually help consolidate and eliminate some of the bogus charges Trump now faces.

Published Aug. 14 and titled “Strategy Memorandum Against the Trump Indictments,” the report by Todd J. Aldinger, Esq., asks the question: “Could George Washington have been prosecuted if he took similar actions and if the relevant statutes existed while he was President?”

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