HORROR: Low-Life Thugs Beat and then Violently Drag Defenseless Woman On the Ground During Armed Robbery in Oakland – Business Owner Compares Crime Wave in Leftist City to Vietnam War (VIDEO)

Credit; The Daily Mail

Oakland, California – Two cowardly individuals beat, dragged, and robbed a helpless female last week in yet another violent day in a Democrat-run Oakland. The crime wave in the city has gotten so bad that one businessman is comparing it to one the most infamous wars in American history.

The Daily Mail reported the horrifying attack happened last Wednesday at 6.15 pm on International Boulevard. The unidentified woman was left with severe injuries following the attack.

Captured footage shows the female being confronted by two men who attempt to steal several items from her, including her purse. She is then struck with an unknown weapon and falls to the ground.

She is then seen falling to the ground before being pulled across the ground by her purse as both men rifle through her pockets and run off.

VIDEO: Warning Disturbing Content

The Daily Mail reveals that both assailants on the run and the woman’s condition as of Tuesday is unknown at this time.

Crime in Oakland has gotten so out of control that even the far-left NAACP branch there has called on officials to declare a state of emergency. Of course, they are partially responsible for the crime wave considering they and the rest of Oakland have supported soft-on-crime politicians for decades.

One local business owner, Vietnamese national Bruce Vuong, spoke out against the escalating crime in the leftist city. He owns an auto-shop just blocks from where the woman was assaulted.

Vuong, who has owner Quality Tech Automotive Shop on International for 35 years, likened the current situation in Oakland to a “war zone,” similar to the Vietnam War several decades ago.

Oakland has become a warzone. It feels like a battleground to go to work.

I seen crime that I thought when I left Vietnam I wouldn’t see anymore.


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