Hilarious: Oliver Anthony Impersonates Alex Jones on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday, country breakout star Oliver Anthony joined Joe Rogan and talked on several topics such as the government, health, folk music, drug use, and much more.

During one part of the conversation, Oliver Anthony mentioned how it’s very hard to eat healthy in the United States due to all of the chemicals used in the agriculture industry.

The singer of Rich Men North of Richmond shared “I’ve read about microplastics in the food, you go and buy a tub of ground beef like how much plastic was in the food of all the bags of crap they threw in to feed the animals.”

Rogan replied to Oliver’s comments by saying “Pesticides and herbicides are a real deal. Atrazine, you know Alex Jones famously says they turn the frogs gay. Atrazine is a very potent endocrine disruptor and it is a pesticide or herbicide.”

After Rogan mentioned Alex Jones, Oliver proceeded to impersonate Alex Jones and stated “Something needs to be done about it.”


Later in the interview Rogan had fun throwing jabs at Joe Biden.

Rogan shared with Anthony how Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, previously tweeted out a tweet that was meant for Joe Biden’s Twitter account.

Oliver Anthony responded by saying that’s why people are attracted to Trump because he’s raw and uncut.