Georgia Teacher Fired for Reading “My Shadow is Purple,” A Book About Gender Identity to Fifth Grade Class

A Cobb County, Georgia school board voted to fire a teacher for reading a book about transgenderism to her fifth-grade class.

Katie Rinderle, a fifth-grade teacher at the Cobb County School District, was fired for reading a book promoting transgenderism called “My Shadow Is Purple.”

WSBTV 2 reported:

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — The Cobb County School Board voted to terminate a teacher after she read a book about gender norms to her fifth-grade class.

In a board meeting Thursday evening, the board voted 4-3 to fire Katie Rinderle.

Rinderle, a longtime educator in the Cobb County School District, read a book called “My Shadow is Purple,” a book about gender norms.

The termination comes a week after a tribunal proceeding was held to decide if she would keep, or lose, her job. The tribunal determined that she did violate part of Georgia’s new divisive concepts law, but they recommended that she be able to keep her job.

“My Shadow Is Purple” is a story about not having to choose one thing or another which implies a non-binary identification.

The Superintendent of the school district Chris Ragsdale recommended Rinderle’s termination from her teaching position.

The firing of the teacher has caught the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is an extremist leftist organization that defends practically anything depraved and immoral.

WSBTV 2 continued: “In the statement from SPLC, Attorney Craig Goodmark claimed there was no legitimate explanation for the termination.”

“Mike Tafelski, senior supervising attorney for children’s rights at the SPLC, said they are disappointed in the decision.”

Organizations like the SPLC hardly care about the rights of children. They are more interested in promoting leftist ideology.


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