EXCLUSIVE: Fulton Co DA Fani Willis Eyeing Racketeering Charges This Week… But Against Who? – Emails Reveal Georgia Officials Knew For Months About Severe Tabulator Malfunctions

This will be at least a three-part series involving the “deafening silence” from Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office regarding the 2020 Election.

From Left to Right: GASOS Brad Raffensperger, GASOS COO/CFO Gabriel Sterling, Fulton DA Fani Willis, President Donald J Trump


Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s “investigation” into the 2020 Election in Georgia has sent the Mockingbird Media into a frenzy and will likely lead to the 4th indictment of President Trump once another juicy Biden story is disclosed.  “Leaked” CCTV footage show cyber experts entering the Coffee County Elections Office recently as if this were some clandestine spy operation…they walked in through the front door of a public building.  And in reality, they’ve been very public about the investigation, what was done, what was found, and, most importantly, why it was done.  Jeff Lenberg, one of the experts “sneaking into” the public building in Coffee County sat down with me to go over his incredible findings in both GA and MI (for a later part in this series).

Jeff Lenbefg (left) and Doug Logan (right) walking into the Coffee County Elections Office through the front door. Both men confirm they never touched the DVS system in Coffee County. (source: Washington Post)


But none of the Mockingbird outlets reported on what happened before the January 5th run-off elections.  That doesn’t fit the narrative that President Trump was trying to unjustly influence officials to commit crimes.

Emails and text messages obtained by The Gateway Pundit show that at least one of the individuals targeted by DA Willis had been raising concerns to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling, specifically.  Sterling, you may recall, was being paid $114k as a State of Georgia employee before taking a private contract in November 2019 thru January 2021 for $200k/year according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  According to Sterling’s Linked-In, he resumed his official State job in January 2021.  They claim this was to avoid benefit payouts or something, but conveniently, it also would make Sterling immune to Open Records Request and public oversight of a State official.

There were numerous issues with the elections in Georgia since the implementation of the new Dominion machines in 2019.  A last-minute “de-minimis” update was authorized on the machines by Judge Amy Totenberg prior to the 2020 General Election.  There were thousands of previously-unknown ballots that were mysteriously revealed during hand-counts conducted after the initial machine count in November 2020 in numerous Georgia counties.

To try and resolve this issue, one would need access to the ballot images, as granted by a Court.  However, Fani Willis’s own Fulton County, and dozens of other counties, deleted a vast majority of the first machine count ballot images, “accidentally”, of course.  For many counties, the only ballot images that exist for the 2020 General Election were those produced during the machine recount that ended after the revealing hand-count/audit.

But in at least one county, issues began with the 2020 Primaries and emails show they sought guidance from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, which seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  You would never know this as all of the ‘news’ surrounding the issues in Coffee County focus on what happened after the 2020 Election and January Senate run-off.  Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sat down with 11Alive in September 2022 and when asked, “Did the Secretary of State’s Office take the Coffee County issue seriously and if you had, wouldn’t you have been able to get this information months ago?”

Raffensperger responded:

“Well, we were provided information and now it appears to be apparent that these people were not speaking truthfully to our investigators.”

An affidavit submitted by the Chairwoman of the Coffee County Republican Party, Cathy Latham, and emails obtained exclusively by The Gateway Pundit, show that Raffensperger and Sterling knew about issues in Coffee Co. more than two years prior to that interview and at least four months before the 2020 Election.

On September 17th, 2020, Latham was involved in a Zoom call with Raffensperger and Sterling.  They were going over the Dominion Voting System and some COVID safety measures.  During that call, Latham stated that the Coffee County Bureau of Elections (BOE) needed new or additional scanners because of what occurred during the Presidential Primary.  Raffensperger assured Latham that he would get Gabriel Sterling on it.  Sterling sent Latham his email address through the chat.  It was his private email, which is not subject to Open Records Request.


On October 5th, 2020, Latham emailed Sterling and said:

“…my Board of Elections (BOE) President Matthew McCullough wanted to know what it would take to get an extra scanner for the county.  Brad said that it would not be a problem and he’d let you know.  Julianne [Thompson] was supposed to forward my information.

We are the county that ours broke during scanning and had to go several counties over after midnight to one from Cook County.”

On October 8th, Sterling succinctly responded “I’m looking into this for you.”

On October 27th, Latham followed up:

“Were you able to get an extra scanner to Coffee County?  I know they had problems running some test ballots.”

When the emails failed to get any attention from the private contractor whom Raffensperger had delegated the task to, Latham text messaged Raffensperger:

“Good morning.  I really hate to bother you.  I’ve emailed Gabriel about the extra scanner for Coffee County.  He said he was working on it, but that is all I’ve heard.  The Chair of the BOE said that when they ran preliminary ballots as a test, the scanner kept messing up.  Just trying to help.”

Raffensperger responded “I (sic) check with him.”

On the night of the November 3rd election, Latham asked the Chair of the BOE if a new scanner had arrived.  Latham was informed that Coffee was offered the option to purchase a scanner for over $20,000.  Latham was shocked that Coffee County would be on the hook for less-than-a-year-old voting machines that can’t scan ballots properly without major malfunctions.  Issues that had been brought to Raffensperger and Sterling’s attention months earlier and went unresolved.

The Coffee County elections issues persisted from the Primary, through the General Election, and into the January senate run-off.  The Coffee County BOE wrote the House Governmental Affairs Committee on December 10, 2020 with concerns about certifying the Nov. 3 results:

“As you know, the certification process requires the Election Supervisor to swear under oath and under penalty of perjury that the certified votes are a true and accurate reflection of the count, or recount…Coffee County could not honestly make such an attestation given the inherent inconsistencies existing within the electronic summary report generated by the Dominion Voting Systems.

“The decision not to certify…was a result of a unanimous vote by Coffee County BOE.  However, this decision was not made until the Board could first have the data reviewed and explained by its Dominion representative…He had NO explanation for the inaccuracies.  He could not reconcile the electronic recount report data or explain how it so dramatically differed from the two prior counts.”

“No one could explain what was wrong or what to do.  No one from the Secretary of State’s office came to help the Board determine if it made an error or if the inaccuracies are Dominion software related.”

“…a video created at a Coffee County BOE meeting which is now widely distributed via the internet.  This video demonstrates how the Dominion system can be manipulated to alter existing ballot results or create voter ballots out of thin air.  This security issue was first discovered by the Coffee County BOE supervisor in June, 2020…the findings were reported to our State Representative Dominic LaRiccia on or about June 10, 2020, with the hopes that someone unassociated with Dominion would scrutinize this problem.  The board never heard a word from Mr. LaRiccia or anyone from the Secretary of State’s office or state government.”

“The Coffee Co BOE has for many months reported various aspects of these problems to the Secretary of State receiving no assistance in correcting these problems.  As for the investigation, the Secretary of State chose not to assist us or help evaluate the root cause of the refusal to certify the election recount but certified the statewide election results despite our findings.

“This is particularly disappointing given that Eric Chaney personally called Chris Harvey and Dennis Carbone on November 13, 2020 to express his concerns over the Dominion System.  Mr Harvey nor Mr Carbone returned this phone call.  But the deafening silence from people in authority regarding our concerns go back to June 2020;  their indifference is unfortunate.”

Read the full letter here:  Coffee election issues official statement 20202

This is Part 1 of at least a three-part series on Georgia’s 2020 Election issues.








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