Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Previously Denied Being Connected to CIA Several Times Before Assassination

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday, Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated shortly after his campaign event in the capital of Quito.

Six Colombian nationals were arrested after allegedly being connected to the shooting and one suspect who is believed to be the man who assassinated Villavicenio was killed while in custody.

Before his brutal assassination Villavicenio campaigned on cleaning up the violent criminal networks that run rampant in Ecuador and by doing so he gained a lot of enemies from members of Ecuador’s “political mafia”.

A year before Villavicenio’s death, Rafael Correa the former President of Ecuador from 2007 to 2017, accused him of being connected to the CIA.

In response to Correa’s allegation, Villavicenio took to X formerly known as Twitter, and mocked Correa by posting a photo with a fake degree that read “CIA Espionage Master”.

Take a look:

In March of this year he defended himself from a troll account that once again called him a CIA asset and wrote “The delusion of the fugitive goes so far as to create his own troll account. According to Correa, I am the owner of AguaVillavicencio in Argentina, a shareholder in bars in Colombia, I have offshore accounts and I work for the CIA. What a pity Rafael, madness will consume you.”

Besides being a politician, Villavicencio was a journalist who in 2015 was the first to report that “Ecuador was using an Italian company to run a surveillance program that was spying on journalists and political enemies, in addition to spying on Julian Assange in the embassy.”


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