Democrat Senator John Fetterman Looks Unrecognizable in New Photo Posted to Twitter

Democrat Senator John Fetterman posted a rather odd photo of himself on Twitter on Saturday.

Apparently, the Pennsylvania Senator is going for a new look after shaving his goatee and growing out his mustache.

“Lost a bet with Karl,” Fetterman said referring to his 13-year-old son.

Buzz on social media said he looked like Walter White, the meth-cooking chemistry teacher from Breaking Bad.

Speculative as this might be, it’s possible that the slob look with a hoodie next to other Senators wearing suits just wasn’t working.

John Fetterman routinely shows up to work looking like a slob in a hoodie.

Fetterman has significant brain damage after having a massive stroke last May.

He was also hospitalized for 3 months for severe depression.