CNN Lectures People On The Use of Neopronouns

As if we don’t have enough problems to be concerned about in our lives.

A failing economy, a corrupt Federal government. Not to mention the lawlessness in our cities with stores being mass looted and people being attacked.

Let’s put that aside because CNN wants to lecture humanity on the use of proper pronouns as to not offend transgender people.

According to CNN: “Some of the most common words in the English language have gender markers, including pronouns. But not all of them are binary. Consider the singular “they,” preferred by some nonbinary and trans people for whom gendered pronouns do not fit.”

“And then there are neopronouns (“new” pronouns), gender-neutral or nonbinary pronouns that are distinct from the common she, he and they. Neopronouns include terms like “xe” and “em,” and some of them even date back several centuries, when they were introduced by writers as a solution for referring to subjects without assuming gender. Now, they’re also commonly used by nonbinary and trans people.”

What this basically appears to be is an attempt to retrain the public to change their speech to appease delusional people. The language that we were trained in over many years of our lives now is not sufficient for them.

As if this isn’t bad enough. They actually give a lesson on how to use these pronouns!

According to CNN, “Here are a few relatively common neopronouns, and how to use them, from the Human Rights Campaign. Note: Some of these pronouns may be pronounced differently based on their user.

xe/xyr (commonly pronounced zee/zeer)

I asked xyr to come to the movies. Xe said yes!

ze/zir or ze/hir (commonly pronounced zee/zeer or zee/heer)

The teacher graded zir paper today, and ze got an A!”

After someone reads this nonsense, we have to ask if this is some kind of joke? Well, it does not appear to be.

Recently, Mr. Beast’s sidekick, Chris Tyson, declared himself to be a woman and changed his name and pronouns.

A star on Mr. Beast, the most followed YouTube channel in the world, has come out as transgender.
Since its inception, Chris Tyson, a biological male who now identifies as female, has been a staple on the channel, which is extremely popular with children.

The biggest tragedy of this story is that Tyson had a beautiful wife and toddler before deciding to start taking hormone replacement therapy. He is now getting divorced. His wife has not publicly commented on his “gender transition.”


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