People Are Raving About Mike Lindell’s Bible Story Pillows for Kids – “My 4 Grandkids Love Their Special Pillows!”

For too long, we’ve allowed Liberals to indoctrinate our children with comic book characters.

Liberal comic book characters don’t always reflect our values, but there’s something worse.

Liberal comic books replace in our children’s minds what Americans once held sacred: Bible stories.

The story of Adam and Eve.

The story of Noah’s Ark.

The story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Are we raising a generation that knows these stories?

Mike Lindell was worried, so he created something special: Pillowcases that tell Bible stories (plus, use promo code TGP at checkout for 50% off and to benefit Gateway Pundit).

He put the story of baby Jesus on a pillowcase:

He put the story of Jonah and the whale on a pillowcase:

And he put the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, and Daniel on pillowcases.

To see the front and back of each pillowcase, click here — use promo code TGP to get your discount.

People are raving about Mike’s Bible story pillows:

— “I bought my son a Bible Story MyPillow and it travels from car to couch to bed! He loves it. The artwork is beautiful and bright; the words clear and easy to read. Not to mention sooo comfy!!”

— “I never write these internet reviews but HOLY cowwww! I bought thhe whole set of Bible Story pillows for my 7-year-old son and he LOVES them. We read them to each other before he goes to bed and then he prays with me every night. I so admire a company that stands for TRUTH and TRUE Scriptures. The Daniel and the Lion’s Den is his favorite, for why shouldn’t it be?”

— “My 4 grandkids love their special pillows! Sleepovers, traveling…these are wonderful!”

If you have kids or grandkids, get all five illustrated Bible stories on Mike’s wonderful go-anywhere pillows for 50% off with promo code TGP.

Plus, to get Bible stories into as many homes as possible, Mike has now put the images on throw blankets, too!

When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter TGP and click “APPLY”

Hurry – we don’t know how long these discounts will last.

If you’d like to see all the discounts you can get at MyPillow with promo code TGP, click here.

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