“Can’t Comprehend” – Family Shocked as Seemingly Healthy Former Olympic Swimmer Dies Suddenly at Age 43

Credit: Facebook / Helen Smart

The sports world is mourning the loss of a seemingly healthy former British Olympic athlete who passed away under unknown circumstances.

The Daily Mirror reported that Helen Smart, who represented Team Great Britain as a swimmer in the Olympics before becoming a teacher, died at the age of 43 on Tuesday.

The cause of Smith’s demise is unknown at this time. Her family described the death as “sudden” and were shocked by her passing.

Smart’s accolades as an athlete were absolutely sterling. E News notes, she had many notable accomplishments as a swimmer.

Smart won the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and proceeded to take home silver medals at the World and European Championships. She then qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia and finished 15th in 200m backstroke event.

At the time of her passing, Helen was working as the head school principal at Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School in Wigan.

According to the Daily Mail, Helen’s family were at a large cottage on the the banks of Lake Coniston at the time of her passing. Helen was found unresponsive in her bed Tuesday morning at 4 AM by her four-year-old daughter Heidi.

She then then ran to Craig Smart, her father and Helen’s husband and told him “Daddy, I can’t wake mummy up.”

When Linda, Helen’s mother, went to check and knew she was gone after touching her.

I touched her foot and she was cold. I walked round and to the side of her and she looked asleep but you could tell she was gone.

Linda explained that her daughter had never been sick and that the entire family was in shock.

We are just in so much shock. You jump from believing it to not believing it.

She had been paddle boarding a few hours before and had never even been ill apart from her knees swelling from swimming.

John Don-Duncan, Helen’s father, paid a heartbreaking tribute to her on his personal Facebook page as reported by the Daily Mail.

Helen was our pride and joy… we are so proud of her… she lit up a room as soon as she arrived.. Linda and I can’t comprehend how she could just simply go to sleep and not wake up?!

Helen’s husband, Craig Smart, also paid tribute to his late wife on the school’s Facebook Page.

She loved the school, staff, children and parents so much.She was so proud to reach her goal of being Head Teacher.

She used to say to me all the time she could never see herself at another school. She was Worsley Mesnes through and through! I remember only last week she said her goal was to get the school to outstanding and that she had the right staff to achieve this!

I hope you all keep learning like champions. Please learn from this and live your best life, no regrets, take lots of photos, make memories and keep smiling just like Helen always did!