BREAKING: Georgia Political Prisoner Harrison Floyd Finally Given Bond!

Harrison Floyd, the former director Black Voices for Trump, was one of the indicted in Fulton County, Georgia last week over alleged RICO charges in the Trump et al case, charges usually reserved for violent crimes and criminal enterprises.  Floyd, a Marine Corps veteran, was the only one of the indicted that was denied bail and remanded to the Fulton County prison.  At least 23 people have died in the Fulton County prison in the last 4 years, including one man who died earlier this year from malnourishment and complications from bed bug bites.

In February 2023, Floyd was accused of “body slamming” a federal agent when two FBI agents sought to issue him a subpoena at his apartment as he was walking up stairs carrying his daughter after her swim practice.  Floyd claims the agents never showed him identification and threw the subpoena in his house after he walked inside.  He then came back out and confronted them about their visit claiming they never showed in any identification.  This is when the alleged chest bump occurred.  The agents left without arresting Floyd.  Floyd called the Rockville PD after the agents left.  Rockville Police showed up to investigate a burglary.

Floyd denies touching the agents and the only known media is “audio” documenting the sound of footsteps up the stairs as evidence.  Floyd called the police to report the two men.  Rockville Police showed up to investigate.  The criminal complaint then states that “later that evening, Floyd was charged with second degree assault, CR 3-203 in the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County.  Floyd was arrested that night by Montgomery County Police Department and your affiant (FBI).”  Floyd would finally be arrested 8 hours after the incident by the third law enforcement agency that encountered him.

Sources claim that the Second Degree Assault charges have been dropped in lieu of a Misdemeanor Obstruction charge.  It is not clear if the federal or state charges were dropped and replaced.

Floyd is also being indicted in the case involving President Trump for asking a person questions over the phone while the person was willingly at a police station to answer questions.  Trevian Kutti was physically present at the police station in Cobb County while Floyd responded over the phone.

Kutti was also indicted and released on bail.

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Federal criminal complaint … by Jessica Moore

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