‘The American Liberty Awards’: ‘The Awards Show of the People, by the People, for the People’ This Weekend in Austin, TX

Journalists across truth-telling media, doctors who courageously ignored murderous ignored dangerous Covid protocols to save lives, attorneys who are fighting to save the US Constitution in courtrooms across the United States, patriotic musicians, rappers, and entertainers, and the J6 political prisoners will be commemorated on Saturday at The American Liberty Awards.

The Gateway Pundit is nominated for in the “Most Trusted Print Media” category alongside other booming news organizations that have sustained amid Big Tech’s unprecedented censorship against conservative media and the truth.

Other nominees for Most Trusted Print Media include InfoWars, Natural News, ZeroHedge, National File, The Epoch Times, LifeSite News, Summit News, Political Signal, Breitbart, Uncover DC, Human Events, Revolver News, Valiant News and The Post Millenial.

Creators of the American Liberty Awards are also honoring “The Most Truthful Writer” in news media, “The Most Trusted Broadcast Media,” “Best Medical/Freedom Organization,” “Most Truth Revealing Movie,” “Best Medical Provider.””Best Comedy Skit Creator,” “Most Truth Revealing Book” “Best Legal Bulldog,” “Best Public Servant Best,” “Meme Maker Best Analysis,” “Broadcast Best Investigative Journalist,” “Most Powerful Song,” “Patriot in The Arena Culture Jammer,” Best InfoBomb Creator,” and the “Lifetime Achievement.”

President Donald Trump is nominated for the Best Pubic Servant in addition to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chris Sky, Gen. Michael Flynn, Laura Loomer, Kari Lake, Reps. Rand Paul, Paul Gosar, Clay Higgins, Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy, Sens. Rohn Johnson, John Kennedy and JD Vance.

Nominees for Most Truthful Writer include The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft and TGP’s intrepid investigative journalists Joe Hoft, this reporter, Cassandra MacDonald and Cara Castronouva as well as Infowars’ Adan Salazar, Jamie White, Kelen McBreen, Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson and Steven Watson, The National File’s Patrick Howley, Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden, Whitney Webb Scott Greer and more.

“Throughout the ages, Americans have stood up against the onslaught of tyranny. Sometimes these men and women do not get celebrated in their own times, in other times they do. These days, those that shine the brightest light of liberty are the most shunned and scorned by the corporate globalist system that is strangling those very freedoms,” The American Liberty Awards states on its website. “Our goal is to thank those warriors using their words, songs, art, minds and passion to light the fires of liberty in the hearts of men and women.

“We will celebrate and recognize these brave voices and individuals. The globalists have the Oscars, the Grammys, the Tonys… we have The Libbys. The American Liberty Awards. The Awards Show of the People, by the People, for the People.”

While corporate globalisms and Satanists is glorified at The Emmys and the Academy Awards, the first annual American Liberty Awards will celebrate “every Patriot out there who has sacrificed a little or everything to this fight for liberty for freedom” and unify solidarity with the J6 political prisoners, Frank Cavanagh, a co-creator of the “Libby’s” told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. 


“The January 6 political prisoners that they need to be at the forefront of our in all of our minds,” he said.  “The American Liberty Awards is dedicated to the January 6 political prisoners and to Julian Assange and to Edward Snowden, everyone who’s been canceled and had their careers and their livelihoods, and their whole existence, erased by the Luciferian globalist machine.”

In 2003, Cavanagh, the original bassist for the Warner, Reprise recording Artist “Filter,” left the music indrusty and “the shallow Luciferian trench that is Hollywood,” enlisted in the United States Army and served one Tour in Iraq. Americans who

To save the republic, , we need to build our own system, Cavanagh argued.

“We’re building a new system, a new award show, where we’re celebrating the people that deserve to be celebrated because they’ve been canceled.” he said. “[The globalists] wanted us dead. They want they assassinated our characters, and they took our careers because they want us dead. So okay, we’re dead. We’re not going to go work at the gas station, are at a fast food place. We’re going to continue being what we are. And that’s what we’re doing.

“We need to build our own systems, we need to make the Luciferian globalist system irrelevant. And fighting, that system’s not going to do it. Fighting the system sometimes gives power to the system, especially if the system is dark. And it thrives on chaos and insecurity and fear.

“Look back to Dylan Mulvaney, that was pure [People power,” he said. “Everyone just stopped voting with their money. That is how it has to happen. That is what the globalist are most afraid of. And that is how we’re going to win this

If not for the patriots relentlessly fighting for years for justice and truth, America would have already collapsed, Cavanagh explained.
 “The American Liberty Awards of Art and Culture is the full name of this award show. And we are the culture,” he said. “We are winning the culture war and going to pat ourselves on the back and, and we’re gonna give awards to the people that are doing it for us.
We are going to show, hopefully, how fake and boring Chris Rock slapping Will Smith was.”

The American Liberty Awards will be held in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 12. The show will be live-streamed on the American Liberty Awards website and at Banned.video.com.




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