79-Year-Old Farmer Tortured and Murdered One Day After “Kill the Boer” Rally – Musk: “They Are Openly Pushing for Genocide of White People in South Africa”


EFF leader Julius Malema leading a chant of “Shoot to Kill – Kill the Boer” – could lose some weight there, sport


The day after radical leftist Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader Julius Malema sang the “struggle song” “Kill the Boer” in Johannesburg’s full 90.000 seat FNB Stadium, a 79-year old farmer was brutally murdered and his wife severely injured. Elon Musk said “they are openly pushing for genocide” in South Africa.

There were already 5 farm attacks in four days before Malema’s inflammatory speech, as Gateway reported. The day after the speech, on July 30, 79-year-old farmer Theo Bekker was brutally tortured and murdered on a farm in the Grootvlei area in Mpumalanga province (formerly known as East Transvaal). He was severely beaten with a pipe before his throat was slit. The four attackers, between 16 and 19, then severely assaulted his wife, Marlinda. The attackers fled with four firearms in Marlinda’s vehicle before losing control of the vehicle and crashing. All four were arrested.

On August 1, an elderly male victim was murdered in Biesiesvlei, North West province, after the front door was broken down, according to Afriforum security spokesman Jacques Broodryk. There were 9 farm attacks and 2 murders July 22-30, Broodryk said.

Elon Musk called out the push “for genocide of white people in South Africa” and asked why President Cyril Ramaphosa says nothing. While usually politically outspoken, the richest man in the world Musk usually also “says nothing” about the scourge of farm murders in his home country of South Africa.

Afrikaner civil rights organisation AfriForum has sued former ANC Youth League leader Malema numerous times for singing the “stuggle song” Kill the Boer, which the South African Equality Court has ruled is not “hate speech.” This month, AfriForum succeeded in court against the African Human Rights Commission, as Gateway reported, getting the “traditional” ANC song recognized as Hate Speech.

AfriForum head Kallie Kriel said they will appeal the Equality Court verdict on 4 September.

In his book “Kill the Boer“, AfriForum spokesman Ernst Roets showed how farm attacks and murders spike after important rallies where politicians like Malema and former President Jacob Zuma sing “Kill the Boer” and other violent “stuggle songs.”

President Ramaphosa is “not just silent”, Roets said, “he has openly denied the problem when he spoke in New York 2018. He said there are no farm killings in South Africa.”

The New York Young Republicans hosted Roets 2022 and posted in support of Afriforum.


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