WTH? Woman Caught on Camera Peeing on the Floor of Spirit Airlines Plane — Shouts ‘I Cannot Hold the Pee!’ (VIDEO)

A woman was caught on camera peeing on the floor in the corner of a Spirit Airlines plane.

In the video posted online on Friday, the unidentified woman complains that they would not let her use the bathroom — before squatting down and relieving herself on the floor.

“I need to piss two hours. You tell me you cannot — you close the doors,” the woman shouts.

A flight attendant can be heard telling the woman, “Say hello to the camera.”

“The plane is stopped. … I cannot hold the pee!” the woman complains loudly while telling the attendant to “blame yourself.

“You can do whatever you want,” the woman continues. “You can send a warrant. Arresting me is better than this.”

The frustrated flight attendant tells the woman to drink more water “because your pee smells disgusting.”

The New York Post noted that this is not the first time a passenger has peed on the floor of a plane.

“In 2018, a passenger aboard the appropriately named Wizz Air relieved herself in the food galley after being told she couldn’t use the lavatory while the plane was being refueled,” the newspaper reported.


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