WTH? Joe Biden Veers Off-Script, Recalls His Childhood Home and Hearing ‘Restlessness’ Coming From His Parent’s Bedroom (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on ‘lowering costs for Americans.’

This is Biden’s first and only public event for the entire day before he takes off to Rehoboth Beach for another vacation.

Biden falsely claimed his administration created over 13 million jobs (it’s mainly people returning to work after the government shut down businesses during Covid).

The microphone malfunctioned as soon as Joe Biden began spewing lies about his economy.


At one point during his remarks, Biden veered off-script and began telling a story about his childhood home.

“My sister, the princess, had her own bedroom,” Biden said recalling his childhood home. “The boys…there were two sets of bunks and there was a closet that ran…if you walked straight down the hall from the boys’ room, all three of us.”

Biden continued, “On the left, there was a closet on that whole wall. My parent’s bed, the headboard was against where that closet was and every once in a while, or rarely, you could hear, you could hear sort of a restlessness going on.”


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