WATCH: Heroic Man Brings Receipts and Blows Up School Board’s Dangerous Transgender Bathroom Policy – Also Shreds Woke Society’s Coddling of Trans Criminals

Credit: @ImMeme0

Peoria, Arizona – The Independent Journal Review (IJR) reported Saturday that a brave man took on an entire school board in Arizona completely destroying their sick transgender bathroom policy. He also showed how woke society contributes to crimes by trans individuals.

The IJR notes this incident occurred at the Peoria Unified School District board’s June 8 meeting. Weeks before the scheduled meeting, they voted to allow biological males to use girl’s bathrooms.

An Arizona man named Benjamin Larrabee, a project manager of the group Turning Point USA, stepped up to the podium and read the woke board members the riot act. Larrabee called them out on their lies regarding the new policy’s “safety” and dropped several examples of sick trans students harassing and assaulting innocent girls.

Larrabee did this while waving news articles at the school board members. He literally brought the receipts.


Relevant transcript:

Several weeks ago, in a vote to allow trans students to use whatever bathroom they wish, you assured us that these policies were perfectly safe, as neither yourself nor law enforcement could provide a single example of any trans student assaulting any girl in any bathroom in any school in any state anywhere at all.

But not to worry, since you couldn’t locate them, I took the trouble to.

See Loudoun County, Virginia, where last year, under district policy, a trans student was allowed into the women’s bathroom where he assaulted a girl (The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this case).

See Irvine, California, last month, where a trans student entered the women’s locker room and flashed the girls there. When they confronted him, he mercilessly beat them (background information the case can be found here)

Larrabee goes on to cite even more examples. One particular case in Ohio involved school officials allowing morbidly obese trans individual to use the girl’s locker room where he flashed terrified girls. After being arrested, a so-called judge dropped all charges because the girls the man was “too fat for them to see anything.”

Larrabee then brought up a local incident where “a man using they/them pronouns, in a scene straight out of ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ hunted down and killed a female jogger because he, quote, wanted to look just like her.”

The brave man then dropped a truth bomb regarding the brutal reality of mentally ill trans individuals and how woke society’s coddling of them leads to violence against innocents.

And before you say that these are anecdotal evidence, just note that in a survey of trans inmates in federal prisons, half were convicted of sexual assault and 90 percent were convicted of violent crimes. Well above the general prison population.

Now, it should also be noted that in each of these cases, each of these perpetrators had either changed their pronouns, had undergone transition or had received gender-affirming therapy and accommodations thereof.

We recognize as a society that you do not affirm that people with anorexia can be healthy in any way, you do not affirm that somebody with schizophrenia is hearing voices, and you do not affirm that somebody in a manic episode is having great ideas. Because when you leave somebody to languish in their false mental state, men who think they are women, they will inevitably lash out and harm themselves and those around them.

Larrabee recognizes his tour de force likely won’t change minds but now the board is out of excuses. When an inevitable sexual assault by a trans occurs, the board will have effectively rubberstamped it.

But I don’t want to pretend and have the hubris to think that I’m going to be the one to change your mind. I’m happy to share any and all of these examples with you, but you will most likely leave here tonight believing that men can become women, affirming care works, and that you made the right vote.”

But you will no longer be able to look into the eyes of your constituents and honestly say that you are unaware of the assaults that inevitably take place when we declare to women you have no right to privacy.


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