WATCH: GOP Congressman Embarrasses CNN “Journalist” When She Covers for Biden Crime Family and Claims to Be Unbiased – Anchor Then Abruptly Cuts Interview

Credit: CNN Screenshot

An Arkansas GOP Congressman delivered an impressive performance that should be studied by other conservatives when it comes to handling adversarial interviews.

Sara Snider, who claims to be a journalist, falsely kept insisting that the GOP had not produced one piece of “hard evidence” to prove Hunter was selling influence and his dad was profiting off his dealings. Tim Burchett (R-AR) then called her to the carpet for echoing Democrat talking points and lying about being impartial.

Snider was noticeably piqued and embarrassed that she got called out and tried to gaslight the congressman. When that failed, the humiliated anchor abruptly cut their discussion short.

As noted by the Blaze, the first half of the interview initially focused on the House of Representative’s hearing on UFOs before veering into the Biden Crime Family’s foreign business dealings.

The discussion on the Bidens began with Snider asking if Burchett would back impeaching Joe Biden. Burchett replied in the affirmative and then spoke about the revealing evidence regarding Burisma and the FBI FD-1023 form which detailed the bribes to Joe Biden and his son,. This all comes in addition to the money that was coming to the Bidens from China.

Hearing these truth bombs was simply too much for Snider and she painstakingly tried to gaslight the CNN audience for the next three and a half minutes.

WATCH (The exchange starts getting heated around the 6:20 mark):

Relevant Transcript:

Snider: There is no evidence that…has been put forward from the Congress to the GOP that there are very clear ties between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe Biden’s, correct?

Burchett: Let me correct you on that: it’s the FBI’s informant that informed us of some of that most damning information and it goes on and on…Hunter Biden was selling nothing but influence.

Snider: But couldn’t he be selling that influence without his dad knowing?

Burchett: Well, President Biden changed his story once again today and said…well, first he said that he (Hunter) has never talked to me about this which to me is just absurd. I talk to my dad about everything.

Then he (Joe) says well, we didn’t talk about that business. It’s just too much ma’am. Tens of millions of dollars.

If they had paid that money to the Trumps, you’d be asking where’s the quid pro quo. And the money laundering is pitiful…

Snider (interrupting): Nothing has been made public that shows us all of this. We’d love to get back to you and talk to you if you have the evidence to show…but the public has not seen any of this hard evidence…

Burchett: You have ten million dollars from Burisma. They are accusing Trump of doing what (Joe) Biden actually did which is (taking kickbacks)…there’s ten million dollars of bribery then they actually fired a guy (a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma).

Follow the money, ma’am. These are FBI informants…

Snider (interrupting): There has to be some proof. You can’t just say it.

Burchett: Well, you had the dossier (Russia collusion hoax) on Trump which was all hearsay. Now, here you got an official FBI document showing that (a smoking gun on the Bidens).

You know, we can sit here and argue about it, and I get it, you know, you’ve got your base, I’ve got mine, but I’ve seen the documents.

Snider: I don’t have a base. I’m a journalist. I don’t have a base, Democrat or Republican.

Burchett: I understand, ma’am, you work for CNN. But let’s be honest, if you work for Fox, it’d be the right wing, and you all are the left wing. And I get it.

Snider: We are not. I’m not.

Burchett: Nobody believes that, ma’am. You can say that and you can have your fingers crossed under the table.

Snider: There has to be proof. I really appreciate you talking to me (cuts segment short).


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