WATCH: Deranged Democrat Throws a Childish Tantrum During Whistleblower Hearing (Video)

Credit: Fox News

The House Oversight Committee led by James Comer (R-KY) held a hearing with IRS whistleblowers on Wednesday.

During the hearing, a radical Democrat Congressman threw a childish tantrum while making a remark that should send chills down the spines of every conservative American.

Fox News reported that Kweisi Mfume (D-Md) lost it while the whistleblowers detailed how the corrupt FBI and DOJ urged them to end the investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden. He ended up tearing up his remarks in a fit of anger.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, the two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, revealed that two Biden U.S.-appointed attorneys blocked charges against Hunter.

Ziegler during his testimony also revealed the Biden Crime Family received $17 million from foreign countries including China and Romania.

This proven corruption did not faze Mfume, though. The real victims are the FBI, IRS, and DOJ which have protected the Biden Crime Family.

Here were Mfume’s relevant remarks during his disturbing tirade:

Now, here’s what galls me. I don’t like these attacks on the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, as if they are somehow anti-U.S. agencies. Those agencies keep this democracy in check. They provide the checks, and they provide the balances.

We are doing this all over again for the Hunter Biden show to someone who has pleaded guilty and has taken responsibility for not filing taxes for two years. This is ludicrous. Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here. None. I now yield back

Mfume then rips his remarks in half like an immature child.


While much of the focus will be on Mfume tearing up his remarks, his comments about the DOJ, FBI, and IRS deserve special attention. These are the same agencies targeting conservative moms for protesting X-rated filth and critical race theory in their children’s classrooms, jailing peaceful protesters for objecting to election results, trying to jail a former President, and much more.

This is happening while leftists committing actual crimes are getting slaps on the wrist. Mfume is defending this corrupt system and wants to make it permanent in America.

This would be the end of America as we know it. Our nation would complete its transition to a leftist dictatorship.

It’s no wonder conservative strategist Greg Price aptly called Mfume’s comment on the Deep State “one of the most disturbing and insane things a member of Congress has ever said.”

Count on the Regime next turning their attention to these courageous whistleblowers for daring to speak out against this rigged system of “justice.” The last thing authoritarian governments wants to see are their methods questioned.


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