VIDEO: Five Violent Thugs, Including Three Women, Viciously Beat Elderly New York City Cab Driver on Busy Street

Screenshot of footage first obtained by New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers

Violent crimes have become part and parcel for living in a major Democrat-run city. New York City is no exception.

The New York Post reported Thursday night that a 60-year-old New York City taxi driver was viciously beaten down by five low-life thugs on July 19 on a busy street in Midtown Manhattan.

The footage shows three women and two men repeatedly slugging the helpless old man with shoes and their bare fists close to Sixth Avenue and W. 34th Street.

The thugs knocked the man to the ground within seconds right next to a yellow cab. The brutal assault continues as the cabbie desperately tries to protect his head.


Notice during the assault witnesses do absolutely nothing for several seconds while the scumbags are pummeling the poor cab driver.

The New York Post revealed that one Good Samaritan pulled one of the lunatics, a woman, off the cabbie before the beatdown concluded.

New York City police (NYPD) said the thugs and the cab driver got into a verbal exchange before the assault.

According to the Post, two suspects — 35-year-old Howard Colley and 51-year-old Natalie Morgan, both of Brooklyn — were arrested on sight. The other three perpetrators remain at large.

New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers spokesman Fernando Mateo released a statement calling for police to catch the remaining suspects and for an end to lawlessness in the Big Apple.

We must catch these young thugs and lock them up. This elderly driver did not deserve this brutal beating. Assaults, stabbings, shootings, and robberies must stop.

The NYPD says the investigation remains ongoing.


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