Victor Reacts: Horrific! Transgender Seeks to be Euthanized to Escape Trauma of “Transition” Surgery (VIDEO)

This is truly horrific and sad. As the Gateway Pundit reported on Friday, Lois Cardinal, a 35-year-old indigenous “transgender woman,” is currently engaged in a bitter confrontation with Canada’s healthcare system after it denied his request for assisted suicide, Daily Mail reported.

Cardinal reports that following the procedure he was left regretful and sterilized, “In 2009, I was rushed into having SRS before I was ready. Resulting in immediate regret and sterilization.”

“I’m in constant discomfort and pain, and it’s taking this psychological burden on me. If I’m not able to access proper medical care, I don’t want to continue to do this,” Cardinal told the Daily Mail.

He was subjected to what is called a “vaginoplasty” surgery.

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, “vaginoplasty requires a lifetime commitment to aftercare. If you have a vaginoplasty, you will initially have to dilate your vagina multiple times a day to keep it open. Eventually, that can be reduced to several times a week, depending on a variety of factors.”

Cardinal formally applied for medical assistance in dying (MAiD) under Canada’s law earlier this year, but his application was rejected.

The note from Cardinal’s doctor noted that he was suffering from ‘pain/anxiety related to neo-vagina for gender affirmation.”

This can not continue to happen. When the rubber meets the road, radical gender ideology destroys people’s lives. Nothing about this is “health care.” It is the horrifying mutilation of people who are suffering from a mental health problem. We need to actually help them, not destroy their bodies leaving them suffering so badly that they wish to take their own lives.


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