Vegan Eco-Terrorists Vandalize Walmart Heiress Nancy Walton’s Superyacht in Ibiza (VIDEO)

Vegan eco-terrorists vandalized Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s superyacht in Ibiza, Spain on Saturday.

The far-left activists from ‘Futuro Vegetal’ sprayed red and black paint on the $240 million yacht.

A crewmember told The Daily Mail the damage will cost Nancy Walton millions.

They proudly posed in front of the vandalized yacht with a sign that read, ‘You Consume Others Suffer.’


Futuro Vegetal, a group that aims to force a vegan, plant-based food system on the world, claimed credit for the vandalism.

“We cannot continue like this, it is a matter of life and death. Listen to us, share our message!” the far-left group wrote on social media.

Two of the vandals were taken into custody for questioning and will be transferred to the court.

“Update from the compañeras: they have been detained since this morning and it is expected that they will be transferred to the court, being released tomorrow at noon.” Futuro Vegetal said.


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