Special Delivery: Severed Finger “From Living Human” Sent by Mail to French President Emmanuel Macron’s Home

France is burning under President Emmanuel Macron.

On Monday, in a disturbing turn, a severed human finger was sent to the official presidential home. The package did not contain any correspondence, only the finger, which investigators determined came from “a living victim” who, according to police sources, has been identified.

The macabre parcel containing the amputated digit arrived at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Monday.

“The finger was initially put in a fridge where the police put their snacks,” said a source at the official presidential home. “This was to make sure it was preserved and could be analysed as quickly as possible.”

Tests later identified the finger as belonging to a “living human being,” who was contacted and “given full medical support,” said the source.

France has faced months of unrest under Macron.

After the officer-involved death of a 17-year-old driver, riots left 1,000 buildings burnt, 5,600 vehicles destroyed, and 3,300 arrests across France.

Earlier in the year, massive protests have plagued the county including the annual May Day rally in support of workers’ rights. 

The Gateway Pundit reported on protests in March on across France after The French National Assembly rejected a vote of no-confidence against the Government of Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Protesters stormed the streets multiple times over recent months in opposition to the retirement change.

Disruptions are expected on Friday for Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.


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