South African Deputy President’s Bodyguards Filmed Brutally Beating Civilians

Bodyguards belonging to South African Deputy President Paul Mashatile assaulting two unarmed men on the weekend


A security detail belonging to Deputy President Paul Mashatile (ANC) was filmed violently attacking two civilians in South Africa. It was not clear what the victims had done to provoke such a violent response. Two farmers were killed in recent farm attacks, one attacker was apprehended by community security.

The bodyguards belonging to South Africa’s deputy president were caught on video dragging a man out of a car and stomping on his head until he stops moving. The attack apparently took place on the main N1 Highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg. The video also shows a third man lying on the side of the road, and a woman emerging from the victims’ car.

Deputy president Paul Mashatile’s office confirmed the men caught on video assaulting civilians are part of his security detail, The Sowetan reported. Mashatile was not present and was unaware of the incident until the video emerged, spokesperson Vukani Mde said.

National police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe said the officers would not be arrested, but “subjected to internal processes.” The South African Police Service has also found the victims of this incident and is questioning them, Mathe said.

On July 2, President Cyril Ramaphosa called for “a return to the militancy of the ANC Youth League of the 1944-era, to go back to the militancy of the ANCYL of the 80s and 90s. We do not want to see an ANCYL that is docile during a revolution.”

Corrupt President Cyril Ramaphosa recently embarrassed himself on a trip to broker peace in Ukraine when Polish officials refused to let his 120 mercenaries and 100 crates of guns and ammunition off the plane in Warsaw. Apparently, this is how ANC bigwigs travel.

A farm murder took place on 26 June 2023, at 6 pm on a farm in Balmoral, east of Pretoria in Mpumalanga province, South Africa Today reports:

A man was overpowered by 2 armed unknown African males at his house and then taken to a neighbor’s home on the same property.  At the neighbor’s home, the attackers kicked down the door and overpowered the woman, who was alone at the time and tied her up.  Both victims were assaulted with an iron pipe. The attackers were demanding firearms and money.  The woman in her 50s was left her with her hands tied on her bed.  The man was also taken back to his house and left tied up.  At that stage the woman’s husband arrived back home in a white Jetta.  The moment he set his foot out of his car, not knowing what transpired inside his house, he was shot dead.

The attackers then ransacked the houses, with one of them managing to shoot themselves in the foot in the process. The surviving 58-year-old farmer managed to free himself and ran a mile for help, alerting community security resources, who apprehended the injured culprit. The survivors are traumatized and bruised, but didn’t sustain any serious injury, according to South Africa Today.

On July 2 at 8 pm, a farmer was shot dead on a farm in George in the Western Cape province, according to South Africa Today:

Two attackers invaded the home of the man (37) and threatened his wife with a firearm demanding money, cellphones and keys to the safe.  A fight between the man and the attackers ensued.  During the exchange, the man sustained a bullet wound to his head and died on the scene.  The suspects fled the scene with two cellphones and a laptop.

Six farm attacks and six farm murders were committed in the first 15 days of June 2023 alone in South Africa. There were ten farm attacks and four farm murders in May 2023, five farm attacks and one farm murder in April, and five farm murders and eleven farm attacks in March.

Farmer’s union Afriforum offers security, first aid and firearms training to prevent farm attacks (English subtitles):

AfriForum also supplies farmers with two-way radios so they can call for help even when cell phone antennas are sabotaged.

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