“Shocking” Video Shows Deranged Ex-Con Sexually Harassing and Assaulting Female Riders – Wrongly Accused Queens Man Defends Himself, Girlfriend’s Honor, and Ends the Rampage (VIDEO)

Credit: New York Post

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a Queens man named Jordan Williams acted in self-defense in the killing of a deranged ex-con on a New York City subway. Now shocking video as described by the New York Post has been released to the public showing why charges were dropped.

Williams faced 25 years in prison despite acting in self-defense against the ex-con.

The Post released video and still photos showing the ex-con, 36-year-old Devictor Ouedraogo, sexually harassing female riders and attacking Williams and his girlfriend just before Williams fatally stabbed him. Ouedraogo did time in state prison in August 2009 for an attempted robbery in Queens.

The Post reported the video was also shown to the grand jurors who refused to indict the 20-year-old Williams on manslaughter charges.

The video opens with Ouedraogo getting in the face of a seated woman riding the Brooklyn J train near Marcy Avenue.

The sick man touches her wrist then the woman pushes him away saying “stop it.”


The ex-con ignores her and makes a sexual gesture toward her. He is then joined by an unnamed accomplice described by the Post as wearing a denim vest and camouflage pants.

The accomplice can be seen picking up Ouedraogo’s striped shirt.

Within 20 seconds, a nasty brawl breaks out.

Ouedraogo starts assaulting Williams’ girlfriend while passengers try to get away. An unnamed passenger screams at the sick man to leave her alone.

Don’t f***ing touch her you piece of s**t!

Williams, who the Post notes is wearing a navy-blue high school basketball shirt with his name on it, heroically comes to his woman’s defense and fights Ouedraogo while pressed against the subway bench.

Ouedraogo then tries to choke Williams before Williams reaches for his knife. The same unnamed female passenger screams for Ouedraogo to back off.

Get your f***ing hands off of him!

Williams then stabs the ex-con. As the Post reported, blood can be seen pouring from Ouedraogo’s abdomen, his shirt stained a deep red.

According the Post, Ouedraogo slowly moves backward, away from Williams, toward the rear of the car. He eventually slips quietly into the next train car.

As reported by the Post, train passengers also claimed that Ouedraogo said he was “going to erase someone” and had asked Williams’ girlfriend, “Want to f**k?” before the stabbing.


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