“She’s Not Intelligent”- FBI Whistleblower Responds to Attacks from Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in EXCLUSIVE Interview with TGP (VIDEO)

Kyle Seraphin v. Jackson Lee
FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin isn’t impressed by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s recent attacks on his credibility during a recent hearing in DC. 

In a Saturday phone call, Seraphin is looking to correct the record after Rep. Jackson Lee “inarticulately stated” that he is looking to compensate fellow whistleblowers from the widely criticized Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a “quid pro quo” arrangement. 

“She’s not intelligent,” Seraphin states bluntly. 

Jackson’s attacks on Seraphin and the other FBI whistleblowers came during a Wednesday hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. 

As The Gateway Pundit reported extensively, lies were abundant during Christopher Wray’s Wednesday appearance. 

While House Republicans grilled the FBI Director for hours, Rep. Jackson Lee was more interested in going after whistleblowers — submitting tweets into the congressional record without having the faintest understanding of their meaning. 

Thankfully, Kyle Seraphin is pleased to provide a full rebuttal to the Texas Democrat’s claims. 

“In May of this year, I watched my friends testify in front of Congress, and they were smeared for saying things that were true,” Seraphin explains, “And a result of that, we had allegations that they were being paid by Kash Patel and his legal foundation, ‘Fight With Kash.’”

Seraphin explains how Patel provided supplementary monies to FBI whistleblowers who had gone 10-16 months without a paycheck. 

“Kash sending them 2,500 or $5,000 at a time intermittently was not exactly a payment,” Seraphin explains, “I would say that was just keeping their head above water, and Kash got smeared for trying to help.”

“There’s actually an ethics complaint against Dan Goldman because of this stuff,” Seraphin adds.


Kash Patel

Seraphin says he realized the opportunity to garner support from the American public who expressed widespread support for “The Suspendables”. 

“I pivoted an existing GiveSendGo account that was under my name,” Seraphin explains, “We raised about $39,000 under my name, basically saying funds would be supporting me and other whistleblowers who I left unnamed at the time because they were still private — Garrett O’Boyle and Steve Friend.”

Seraphin says he gave $15,000 to O’Boyle to help with his day-to-day bills as well as the purchase of a laptop and microphone in preparation for future public statements and media appearances. 

Another piece of the fundraising pie went to Steve Friend, while the rest was spent by Seraphin on personal expenses. 

“There wasn’t a significant amount of money stretched over a period of about a year, but that’s what we had,” explains Seraphin, “I essentially gave the FBI notice that I was acknowledging that they had constructively terminated me on April 14th, and within about two or three weeks of that we got the guys testifying in front of Congress.”

After the story went viral, Seraphin says funds poured in. 

“A bunch of bigger accounts went and retweeted it from my socials,” Seraphin explains, “Everyone from Dan Bongino and Tracy Beans and Sebastian Gorka and Dinesh DeSouza and some others. And so it ended up catching about two or 3 million views, something along those lines.”

Seraphin says the boosted publicity led to a current total of $603,000 raised through roughly 11,000 independent donors but administrative fees lower the total to “about $585,000.”

“I revamped the GiveSendGo go at the $40,000 mark this other 560 grand that we raised and basically stated that it’s gonna go and support Marcus (Allen) and Garrett and that’s what they’re gonna be giving their money to and that I won’t be taking a penny of it,” explains Seraphin, “And that’s been true so far.”

Seraphin says he wrote two checks totaling $255,000 and change and publicly posted them to social media, where they were seen by at least another million sets of eyes. 

“That’s what was shown in Congress stating that I was writing these checks,” Seraphin explains, “They illogically linked Kash Patel to it because they’re not creative, and the people who work for Sheila Jackson Lee seem to be about as smart as Sheila Jackson Lee, which is not that smart.”

“They said I was paying for whistleblower testimony, but they got the money after the testimony happened — after we had the publicity — after we had a bunch of independent donors,” Seraphin adds. 

“Our largest donation was $5,000. We had about two or three of those. One of those people was Steve Friend’s parents,” Seraphin adds with a laugh, “So Sheila Jackson Lee blows up with my pictures out there, mispronounces my name in front of Congress, and says that I’m buying whistleblower testimony.”

To avoid an undue 34% tax on his fundraising, however, Seraphin had to cancel the planned disbursements. 

While trying to sort the ugly details of tax law, Seraphin sent the maximum legal gift amount to Marcus Allen and Garrett O’Boyle. 

He’s since employed an attorney at the flat rate of $4,000 to set up a 501-C4 known as “The Suspendable Support Fund.”

Garrett O’Boyle, Steve Friend, and Marcus Allen testify before Congress – May 18, 2023


In sober recognition of how bad things are, Seraphin and his fellow whistleblowers are ensuring they can keep fighting into the future — supporting as many whistleblowers as they can along the way. 

“The guys have agreed to take a little bit less than the total amount,” explains Seraphin, “So we leave some money in the pot in case somebody else comes out forward, and we need to make sure that we have a way to keep them going.”

So, while Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and other members of Congress seek to stifle revelations about a weaponized DoJ, their ignorant attacks lend more credence to the FBI whistleblower’s claims. 

“They can’t attack the content of the messaging that the men are bringing forward,” explains FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin, “So they’re trying to attack the messengers.”

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WATCH Kyle Seraphin’s recent interview with Shawn Bradley Witzmann:

***WATCH Kyle Seraphin’s recent interview of Shawn Bradley Witzemann HERE***

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