San Francisco Businessman Says Homeless Problem is Far Worse Than Media is Reporting: ‘Honestly Shocking’

There have been multiple reports about the homeless problem in San Francisco, but according to one businessman from the city, it’s far worse than anyone knows, including the media.

This is one of the main reasons that so many companies have fled the city in recent months.

With a large homeless population comes crime and filthy streets. San Francisco has both of those problems, too.

FOX News reports:

San Francisco business owner says media have ‘no idea’ how bad homeless crisis is: ‘Apocalyptic’

A San Francisco business owner said journalists have “no idea” the depth of the homeless crisis in the region, calling the things he’s seen “honestly shocking.”

“They have no idea. Honestly, they have no idea. The stuff that we see out here from day to day– it’s just– it’s honestly shocking,” Cody Cunningham, owner of SF Planters told Fox News Digital. “The levels of drug addiction, the mental health stuff and the crime—it’s like apocalyptic, honestly, almost sometimes.”

A longtime Bay Area resident, Cunningham has transformed his landscaping business to now exclusively install heavy sidewalk planter boxes that have been primarily used to deter homeless encampments in the city…

The business owner has seen a “precipitous decline” in the quality of life in the city in the past 25+ years. Business and property owners have to deal with break-ins, trash and fires on a daily basis, he said.

“The problems on the street are –kind of metastasizing, it seems from year to year. So people are just—trying to make their city look a little more beautiful with the planter boxes,” he added.

The video below has been making the rounds on social media for a few days. This is another man from San Francisco who was recently punched in the face by a man who was urinating on the street. Check it out, but FYI, there are lots of four-letter words here.

This is what Soros DAs and progressive law enforcement has done to American cities. It’s maddening.


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