Rudy Giuliani Calls Out the Latest Fake News – Says He Made No Admission in Georgia Election Crimes Case (VIDEO)

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Big Media reports that Rudy Giuliani had proclaimed that he no longer believes there were election crimes that took place in Georgia in the 2020 Election.  Rudy calls this all lies. 

Hahaha – MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell asks if Rudy Giuliani flipped on President Trump.  This was related to the news that Rudy shared that he took back what he said about the situation in Georgia.

O’Donnell is the same buffoon who said the “walls were closing in on President Trump” about a thousand times during the totally made-up Russia collusion lie that he and the Obama-Biden gang pushed to illegally remove President Trump from office.


Rudy Giuliani says that this is all fake news.  Go figure.

Below is the transcript:

FAKE NEWS CORRECTION: Number 1 – Giuliani is cooperating against Trump. Untrue.

Giuliani is telling the truth, which is that Trump is entirely innocent.

Fake news number two – Giuliani admitted that he lied. No.

Giuliani, in a lawsuit in order to reach the merits of the lawsuit, didn’t contest the earlier portion of it with a clear statement that that was no admission that it was true or false. Happens all the time in lawsuits. It’s called admission arguendo.

And, of course, only the most dishonest and cheapest of reporters deliberately misunderstand it.

So let’s make it clear. I have not admitted that I lied at any point. I haven’t. And of course, I’m not cooperating against Donald Trump because there’s nothing to cooperate about. The man is innocent, and they’re framing him.

Fake news is fake news.

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