Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden: “He Began as a Trailer Trash Grifter… Been Lying All His Life”

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Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor, was on the Joe Hoft Show on Friday, July 28, 2023.  He dropped multiple truth bombs.  It was historic.

Rudy Giulian joined the Joe Hoft Show on in an incredible interview to discuss current events surrounding the corrupt Biden regime.

The discussion began with Rudy discussing the recent events where he was accused of flipping on President Trump in the Georgia case.

This was reported yesterday.

FAKE NEWS – Rudy Giuliani Says It’s Fake News – He Made No Admission in Georgia Election Crimes Case

Rudy shared:

I’m almost immune to it now at this point.  I mean this could be the 100th time they have directly lied about me going back to the day that I started representing Donald Trump in 2018-2019 when they said that I was lying about Russian collusion, that I was a Russian agent.

Rudy went on to say that his actions that he took recently are what lawyers do.

Rudy then went on to say that he has spent 6-7 hours with the corrupt Biden Admin attorneys and every answer he provided showed President Trump’s innocence.

I cooperated and told the truth, and the truth equals Donald Trump in innocent.

Giuliani then noted the bizarre Mar-a-Lago case where President Trump and the maintenance man were being charged with trying to overthrow the US government.

Rudy went on to say that he never lost a prosecution and prosecuted a lot more cases than Biden’s key government attorneys. The reality is that Jack Smith is charging the valet and the maintenance man.

I don’t know but the next thing he might do is start charging the delivery people.

I guarantee you there is an overwhelming racketeering case against the Bidens.

Within one week you could prosecute the Bidens for racketeering, the President Biden and you could take away the $31 million he got from China.  You could take it away from them.  If they want to I could come in and write the indictment for them.  I have it. I started the RICO prosecutions.  Not these idiots… I guarantee you there is an overwhelming racketeering case against the Bidens. 

…Right now, our criminal justice system looks like it should be in Venezuela.

What really bothers me is that there’s no one in the Democrat Party that will stand up to Biden, Giuliani says.  Right now, about one-quarter of the criminality has been reported of Biden’s crimes.

You can’t take anything Bragg does seriously.  The man is the antithesis of an honest public servant and prosecutor.

On Joe Biden, Rudy shared the following:

He began as a trailer trash grifter… He’s also been lying all his life.

Listen to the interview below starting at the 18:45-minute mark:


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