REVEALED: Biden Campaign had Plan to Send Alternate Electors if Needed in 2020 – Now They Are Suing Republicans for Doing the Same

Trump prosecutor Jack Smith has been investigating the process of sending alternate electors for possible prosecution.

This week, far-left Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel charged 16 of the 2020 Trump electors with eight felonies each. Many of the Michigan Trump electors are retirees in the 70s and 80s.

The charges against the Michigan electors include:

  • Forgery
  • Election Law Forgery
  • Utterance
  • Conspiracy

The media has engaged in systemic journalistic malpractice by endlessly referring to the alternate electors as ‘fake’ electors, in order to make them seem guilty of innocent conduct.

Now Mike Benz, Executive Director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, laid out the evidence on Twitter that the Biden team had planned to send their own slates of alternate electors in case they lost the election.

The Biden plans were written and overseen by John Podesta. Podesta had a plan to ensure Biden won by sending an alternate slate of elections.

Here’s the source file.

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