OUTRAGEOUS: Woke U.S. Women’s Soccer Players REFUSE to Sing National Anthem Before World Cup Match with Vietnam (VIDEO)

Credit: New York Post

If America needed another reason to root against the U.S. Women’s soccer team during the Women’s World Cup, the woke females making up the squad certainly gave them one last night.

The New York Post reported that the players remained silent with a few possible exceptions while the “Star Spangled Banner” was played across New Zealand’s Eden Park arena.

Notice how members of the squad stare straight ahead without any discernible emotion and less than half even place their hands over their hearts.


Meanwhile, their Vietnamese opponents sang their hearts out when their national anthem, “Tiến Quân Ca,” or “Song of a Marching Army played.

Credit: Hannah Peters – FIFA

Every single member of the squad places their right arms over their hearts while singing and Vietnamese fans passionately sing along with the players.

Despite the gulf in patriotism exhibited before the match, the U.S women easily dispatched their opponents 3-0 with Vietnam not managing to fire a single shot during the match.

The New York Post points out that this disgraceful display should come as no surprise. Since far-left former NFL player Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem in 2016, the soccer athletes led by Megan Rapinoe have consistently dishonored America.

Rapinoe vowed before the 2019 Women’s World Cup she would never put her hand over her heart and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” again.

Back in 2021, only one member of the US Women’s National Team stood for the anthem ahead of a match against Australia.


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