NYPD Officers Continue Leaving the Force in Droves, Claim They’re Being ‘Squeezed on all Sides’

The exodus of officers out of the New York Police Department continues, uninterrupted.

These brave men and women in blue get grief from everyone. The people above them have demonized them, and bad apples in the public treat them as if they were fascists.

Things in New York have never been perfect but law and order really went haywire during the George Floyd riots and the COVID lockdowns. Suddenly, looting became a regular sight and the police weren’t allowed to do their jobs.

Is there any wonder why so many of them are leaving?

The New York Post reports:

NYPD exodus continues as cops feel ‘squeezed from every direction’

Former NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell stepped down amid a steady stream of New York’s Finest beating her to the exits, according to troubling new data obtained by The Post.

Through June 30, 648 officers quit before retiring this year — a 22% spike from 2021, when 530 left, and an 87% rise from 2020, when 347 quit, NYPD pension data show.

The concerning “voluntary quits” — combined with NYPD recruiting problems leaves the 34,000 uniformed officers “at least 1,200 short,” the police union said.

“Cops are being squeezed from every direction. They are working inhumane amounts of forced overtime. The brass is pushing for more enforcement, while the police-oversight complex is pushing to ruin more cops’ careers,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry, who reps “just over” 21,000 rank-and-file officers.

“Many cops can’t afford to keep taking that risk because the pay is still too low,” he added. “The NYPD will not be able to recruit its way out of this staffing emergency. It needs to make the job livable for the cops it already has.”

Here’s a perfect example of what these people have to put up with.

Eric Adams was supposed to change all of this. He campaigned on it.

So far, he has not delivered.


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