MUST WATCH: CNBC Host Covers His Ears Amid “USA!” Chant on NYSE Floor as Conservative Marketplace Public Square Rings the Opening Bell

Guest post by David Greyson

Conservative marketplace Public Square has gone public.

Patriots have a parallel economy to battle woke companies!

Public Square, which is an online directory of pro-freedom businesses, went public on the NYSE on Thursday.

“PublicSq. now has over 1.1 million consumer members active on its platform and more than 55,000 businesses, 90% of which are small businesses. Accounts are free for both buyers and sellers.” Fox Business reported.

So, what does this mean for freedom-loving Americans who are tired of woke businesses? In a nutshell, this gives people an opportunity to align their pocketbooks with their values in the marketplace.

“The largest network of non-woke businesses in America is officially public $PSQH,” Michael Seifert, the CEO of Public Square, said on Thursday.

The floor of the NYSE was very lively with people chanting, “USA! USA! as Don Jr., Kim Guilfoyle and Michael Seifert stood at the podium.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer didn’t seem to be amused. He was nodding his head in disapproval.

Squawk on the Street host David Faber was covering his ears. They were trying to discuss home prices instead of focusing on Public Square.


Charlie Kirk interviewed Michael Seifert after he rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

“We absolutely have the majority of this country that is tired of this ruling class of elites that is telling us what to do. They lecture us about stupid progressive policies. We are speaking up and we are pushing back,” Seifert told Charlie Kirk.


Public Square has also drawn the attention of Tucker Carlson.

As TGP previously reported, Public Square will be one of Tucker’s first advertisers on his Twitter show.


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