MSNBC Mocked on Social Media for Warning That Being Healthy is a Gateway to “White Supremacy”

Image: @msnbc/Twitter

In 2022, an MSNBC op-ed warned that the “far right” took advantage of pandemic at-home fitness trends to push white supremacy.  Author C

The Op-ed asserts:

It appears the far right has taken advantage of pandemic at-home fitness trends to expand its decade-plus radicalization of physical mixed martial arts (MMA) and combat sports spaces.

Physical fitness has always been central to the far right. In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler fixated on boxing and jujitsu, believing they could help him create an army of millions whose aggressive spirit and impeccably trained bodies, combined with “fanatical love of the fatherland,” would do more for the German nation than any “mediocre” tactical weapons training.

Miller-Idriss went on to assert that “fitness of course is a staple and a hobby for many people, for whom it is enjoyable and rewarding for brain health and overall well-being. Physical fitness channels dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin in ways that literally feel good.”

But, “intertwining those feelings with hateful and dehumanizing ideas, while promoting the concept that physical warriors are needed to create the strength and dominance to defend one’s people from a perceived enemy, makes for a dangerous and powerful cocktail of radicalization.”

“It’s critical that leaders, including parents, physical trainers, gym owners, coaches and others in the fitness world understand how online grooming and recruitment can intersect with spaces that we generally think of as promoting health and well-being.”

The ridiculous piece garnered renewed attention on Monday when the outlet re-shared the article on social media.

Social media users enjoyed the opportunity to mock the ridiculous premise.

Podcaster titan Joe Rogan quipped, “Being healthy is “far right.” Holy f***.

Twitter’s Elon Musk responded to Rogan saying, “Parody & reality are becoming indistinguishable.”


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