Megyn Kelly Drags Disney Over String of Woke Flops Leading to $900 Million Loss (VIDEO)

On a recent episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly roasted Disney for their string of woke movies that have flopped at the box office.

Her guest, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, joined in noting that Disney used to be a family-friendly studio and that they deserve to fail given their embrace of the progressive left.

They also mention the unexpected success of ‘Sound of Freedom’ which is surpassing the latest Indiana Jones movie in ticket sales.

The New York Post has details:

Megyn Kelly twists knife in ‘woke’ Disney after it ‘lost $900M on box office flops’

Megyn Kelly said that The Walt Disney Company’s emphasis on “wokeness” has cost it nearly $1 billion at the box office due to “flops” such as “Lightyear,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Elemental.”

Kelly devoted a segment of Thursday’s SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” to a YouTube report that claimed the Mouse House lost $900 million on its last eight feature films, several of which include prominent “woke” characters.

“The people are not buying this content,” Kelly said during her podcast on Thursday.

“They don’t want this content.”

Kelly noted that media giants Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery have all seen their heads of diversity leave their jobs…

“Bit by bit all these media companies and big tech companies are eliminating their heads of diversity, because it’s just a wasted position where somebody just glorifies their wokeness,” Kelly said on Thursday.

“So it’s failing.”

She added: “Hopefully they’ll (Disney) learn their lesson.”

Watch the video below:

You have to wonder when the shareholders of Disney are going to revolt and fire the company’s current leadership.

How many more millions are they willing to lose in order to satisfy the woke employees of Disney who have taken a once iconic brand and reduced it to the Bud Light of entertainment?

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