LSU Professor Allegedly Leaves Unhinged Voicemail and Wishes Death on State Senator Who Voted to Ban Sex Changes for Minors (AUDIO)

On Tuesday, the Louisiana legislature voted to override a veto on a bill that would ban hormone therapy and puberty blockers for minors. 

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards previously vetoed the bill that was passed by the legislature in June.

The Republicans gained a supermajority in March when State Rep. Francis Thompson switched parties in the State House.  They did, however, fail to override two other bills that would have kept sexuality from being discussed in schools and the other from requiring teachers to use the pronouns assigned to a child at birth, according to Breitbart News.

This veto override really seemed to upset Louisiana State University’s Professor Marcus Venable, who allegedly left a very angry voicemail for an elected official that threatens death.  He calls Senator Mike Fesi a “big fat-headed mother f***er” and says he “can’t wait to read your name in the f***ing obituary.”

From the recording:

I just wanted to say ‘Congratulations, to our State Senator, Big Mike Fesi.   And that f***ing moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering.  You fat f***ing piece of sh*t.  You did not produce any goddamn evidence to support the claims you made about people being harmed by transgender care yet we’ve had tons of empirical evidence telling us there’s an increased suicide risk for people who don’t get this care.  So you, you big fat headed mother f***er, I can’t wait to read your name in the f***ing obituary.  I will make a goddamn martini made from the tears of your butthurt conservatives when we put your f***ing ass in the ground you fat f***ing useless piece of sh*t.  F*** you.  I hope you have a terrible day.  Go f*** yourselfffffff.

Below is the alleged voicemail left by Venable:

While there is no “Marcus Venable” in the LSU faculty directory, there is a “Marcus Venable” listed as a 2017-2018 “cohort” in the Department of Sociology at LSU.  He’s also listed as a “Professor in the Sociology Department” of LSU.  Screenshots of comments left by students for “Marcus Venable” on show that he seems to be quite political and vulgar.  One student said “he always tries to force his opinions on people” while another says “he uses sexual assault as an example for literally everything”.  Another claim is that he can “make you go insane” if you internally disagree with his politics.  That same student goes on to say “he curses the whole class as he forces his leftists political opinions on you.”  That same student says his class is the class to take because “attending class will get you an A.”

LSU’s 2017-2018 Cohorts listing of Venables show that his interests are “criminology, sexual assault, sex-offender recidivism, sex-offender registries”.

According to Price, Senator Fesi reported it to the Sheriff who was able to track the number down.  We have reached out to both Senator Fesi and Professor Venable for comment.  They had not responded at the time of publishing but we will update if they do.


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