Lauren Boebert: House Oversight Investigating Much More Than White House Cocaine, “It Seems as Though the List Just Never Ends”

As yesterday reported by The Gateway Pundit the White House cocaine story changes on the daily and official explanations continuously mutate like a radiation exposed comic book character. Now, The Gateway Pundit reports Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer isn’t interested in letting any powdery details get swept under the rug.

But according to Representative Lauren Boebert, the Oversight Committee is interested in much more than stimulative powder parties in the West Wing.

Hot on the heels of Rep. Comer’s open letter to United States Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, Rep. Boebert says further investigation is already in the works.

”Devon Archer and other Biden business associates will be coming to the House Oversight Committee to be deposed,” the Colorado congresswoman tweets, “We’re going to expose every shady Biden business deal that we can possibly find out about.”

But when it comes to criminal enterprise in the current First Family, it’s nearly impossible to assess every detail.

“It seems as though the list just never ends,” Rep. Boebert adds.

As yesterday reported by Fox News, Devon Archer has “a lot to say” about the President’s personal involvement in his son’s criminal activity.

But while new depositions are an objectively positive development, much about the Biden Crime Family has been well known for years and much doubt remains that anything substantive will result.

As Paul A. Szypula points out in Rep. Boebert’s replies, “House Oversight Committee depositions are good but they won’t accomplish anything.”

“The Biden crime family should be in jail but that won’t happen because the current system is rigged,” Szypula explains, “The only way to fix this is to defund the DOJ and rebuild it from scratch.”

As for the cocaine story, a new narrative spin is likely well underway. In reply to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, one Twitter user can already see the writing on the wall.

“Perhaps there will be a tearful admission by Jill that Hunter relapsed,“ they explain, “The cocaine was his and on the orders of doctors who know how to handle these things, he has ‘been taken’ to long-term rehab.”

”Consequently, he will be unavailable for testimony or questioning by Comer” they add.

So, while America continues to sift between the lines of an alleged West-Wing cocaine party, an inspiring story about relapse and redemption may be the exact kind of jolt needed to cure any residual sniffles in the flailing Biden Administration.

And it also remains to be seen if Congress has the willpower and determination to actually deliver on anything they promise.

But despite the increasing rhetoric and high level of political division, there remains at least one thing our country can agree on:

“The Cocaine Bear sequel is gonna be lit.”


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