Latest Twitter Files Reveals UK-Based Self-Described “Disinformation” Tracking Website Urged Advertisers to Blacklist Gateway Pundit and 9 Other Conservative Websites

Imran Ahmed from the Center for Countering Digital Hate

The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila reported on the latest Twitter Files release earlier today.

In today’s Twitter Files release journalist Paul Thacker focused on the Disinformation network that Twitter used to silence, censor, and demonetize conservative and independent websites.

Latest Twitter Files Drop: Who Are the People Claiming RFK Jr. is “Disinformation”? – Elon Musk Responds

Paul Thacker then posted a more extensive version of his research on his Substack.

In his report, Thacker mentions one of the Center for Countering Digital Hate reports that included The Gateway Pundit.

Center for disinformation dark money

Started by Imran Ahmed, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) sprang out of nowhere in late 2017 or early 2018. At the time, Ahmed was leaving a job as a political advisor to members of the British Labour Party and had just written a book

How this background as a political operative prepared Ahmed to brand himself as an expert in disinformation is unclear. His LinkedIn account makes no mention of his work as a political operative in England, although his biography at CCDH states that he is an “authority on social and psychological malignancies on social media, such as identity-based hate, extremism, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.”

Ahmed now lives in Washington DC and his organization does not provide a list of funders.

In early 2021, CCDH posted a report titled “The Disinformation Dozen” that alleged the majority of COVID vaccine disinformation came from just 12 accounts, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Ahmed released the report just as the Biden administration began their COVID vaccine rollout and shortly before the House held hearings on disinformation at social media companies.

Twitter officials began sharing Ahmed’s findings, soon after CCDH released them that March. “COVID-19 misinfo enforcement team is planning on taking action on a handful of accounts surfaced by the CCDH report,” reads a March 31 email, noting that Ahmded’s report was released right before the House held a hearing on disinformation where Facebook’s Mark Zuckeberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsy both testified, along with Google CEO Sundar Pichai…

In a bumbling campaign they ran the year prior, CCDH targeted 10 websites for allegedly posting racist narratives. CCDH claimed in one example that Zero Hedge had run a racist article that stated Black Lives Matter is “practically a revolutionary operative of the CIA via Soros” and another article that suggested Black Lives Matter is a George Soros “Astroturf” campaign for “leftists and their agenda to reshape the fabric of American society.”

Fact checkers with the NBC News “verify unit” fell for CCDH’s fake report, writing, “Google has banned two far-right websites from its advertising platform after research revealed the tech giant was profiting from articles pushing unsubstantiated claims about the Black Lives Matter protests.”

The CCDH report mentioned by Thacker, Defund Racism: Black Lives Matter was used to urge advertisers to blacklist The Gateway Pundit and other conservative websites from mainstream advertisers.

The Center of for Countering Digital Hate used this as an excuse to include The Gateway Pundit on their list of racist websites.

They included TGP because we reported on the insanity of the FBI labeling white supremacists the country’s number one threat when Black Lives Matter-Antifa just destroyed $2 billion in private property in their violent attacks on American cities.

This is not the first time the Center for Countering Digital Hate has targeted The Gateway Pundit.

The Gateway Pundit was targeted by the same group back in February.

he Center for Countering Digital Hate is a far-left group based in Britain led by Imran Ahmed. The sole purpose of the organization is to harass internet advertisers from posting ads on conservative websites in order to silence conservative voices and put them out of business.

Below are CCDH’s latest areas of research, investigation, and advocacy of the far-left group:

Previously, notorious stalker Taylor Lorenz used the Center for Countering Digital Hate, or vice versa, to attack Elon Musk and prominent conservatives and medical experts as extremist influencers on Twitter.

They offer no evidence to back up their claims. This was another very shoddy report by Taylor Lorenz that could open her and the Post up to potential lawsuits.

The article lists the top 10 Twitter Extremist Influencers.

The list includes:

  1. Andrew Tate
  2. Dr. Robert Malone
  3. Andrew Anglin
  4. Emerald Robinson
  5. Rogan O’Handley (DC Draino)
  6. Peter McCullough
  7. Stew Peters
  8. Anthime Gionet (Baked Alaska)
  9. Rizza Islam
  10. Gateway Pundit

The article by Lorenz includes a line about extremist accounts of “self-professed Nazis, disinformation actors, misogynists, and homophobes.”

It’s not clear how they tie that to The Gateway Pundit, a website with women, minorities, and gays, but be assured that we will investigate their allegations.

This morning, The Gateway Pundit reached out to DC Draino, who made the list along with TGP.

“It’s such BS, and now I’m shadowbanned. The “press” really doesn’t like when you criticize the government,” DC Draino told The Gateway Pundit.

Host Emerald Robinson also reacted to the news as one of the “top 10 extremist influencers.”

Via Taylor Lorenz at the Washington Post:

Elon Musk’s restoration of 10 Twitter accounts that were banned under the platform’s previous management has generated enough engagement since they returned to the platform to likely generate $19 million in advertising revenue annually, a nonprofit dedicated to countering hate speech online has concluded.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) said the 10 accounts were among hundreds thought to have been restored under a “general amnesty” that Musk announced in late November.

The report comes as Musk is working to generate revenue for the company, which he has said is in dire financial straits despite the layoffs of thousands of employees and the suspension of payments for a number of services including rent on Twitter’s downtown San Francisco headquarters. Twitter’s advertising revenue in December was 70 percent lower than the previous year, according to data from Standard Media Index, an advertising research firm.

CCDH’s chief executive, Imran Ahmed, linked the drop off in ad revenue to the decision by Musk to restore the formerly banned accounts. “Our research shows that there is a depressingly banal answer to why Elon Musk would reinstate the accounts of self-professed Nazis, disinformation actors, misogynists and homophobes — it’s highly profitable,” he said…

“We don’t condone hateful content or dangerous conspiracy theories,” a spokesperson from Fiverr said. “These campaigns have been removed, and our partners and teams have been alerted to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

After this story was first published, Fiverr announced it was stopping all advertising on Twitter.

The 10 influencers CCDH considered in its survey are Andrew Tate, Robert Malone, Andrew Anglin, Emerald Robinson, Rogan O’Handley, Peter McCullough, Stew Peters, Anthime Gionet, Rizza Islam, and Gateway Pundit. All had their accounts removed from Twitter for violating rules before Musk restored them.

“Just 10 of these reinstated bad actors will generate billions of Twitter views, all of which Elon Musk can sell to household brands and advertisers, such as Apple, Amazon, and the NFL. Brands’ ads are appearing right next to Nazi-level hate and lies that can kill,” said Ahmed.

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