Kevin Spacey Trial: Elton John Is Deposed via Video Link in the Defense of His Star Friend

The Kevin Spacey trial in London has experienced another star deposition. After two time Academy Award Spacey took the stage in his defense, on Monday a video link was set up for the deposition of musical icon Elton John and husband David Furnish.

There’s no disputing that Elton John’s version of the events from a decade ago ended up benefitting his friend, whether or not the jury was starstruck.

The New York Post reported:

“The newly retired singer and his husband, David Furnish, appeared in the London court by video link from Monaco and answered questions about Spacey’s attendance at their White Tie and Tiara Ball, an event the couple hosted for over a decade to raise money to fight AIDS.”

One of Spacey’s accusers – that can’t be named under UK law – claims that the star sexually assaulted him while driving to the White Tie and Tiara Ball in either 2004 or 2005.

These claims have been mortally wounded by Elton John’s deposition, as he told the court that Spacey arrived at the event by private jet.

“The complainant, who was not named, claimed the ‘House of Cards’ star grabbed his crotch with such strength that he almost crashed his car.

The alleged victim’s claims, however, were countered by John’s testimony. The singer recalled Spacey flying in to attend the event on a private jet.”

Spacey had already denied assaulting the man on the way to the ball, saying, ‘No, I was not on a suicide mission in any of those years’.

John’s husband David Furnish told the court that Spacey’s attendance was a big deal at the time, and supported the actor’s claims that he had only attended the party once, in 2001.

Photographs showed Spacey was only in attendance that year, John said, as each year they make sure to photograph each guest, and the actor only appears in images from 2001.

Elton John was questioned whether Spacey could have gone and not been pictured.

“It never happened,” he said. “It was understood we were promoting a charity involving the eradication of stigma surrounding disease. For celebrities wanting to come to our event, it was always understood they needed to be photographed.”

Spacey could face jail if convicted, but has expressed hope for a career comeback, if acquitted.

Daily Caller reported:

“[Elton] John gave his testimony to the Southwark Crown Court as part of Spacey’s UK case, which involves 12 charges of sexual offenses allegedly committed against four men between 2001 and 2013 in Britain, according to Reuters. One accuser, a driver, alleged Spacey sexually assaulted him so aggressively on the way to a party John was hosting that he nearly crashed the car, according to Reuters. John was asked about what he knew about Spacey’s attendance and behavior at this party.”

Elton John testified that Spacey ended up staying overnight at his husband David Furnish’s home in Windsor when the party concluded.

“Prosecutor Christine Agnew asked John about a photograph from a few years later that showed the complainant standing outside of a London theatre while John was leaving the venue. John said he didn’t recognize the complainant at all, and declared he was always in “a mad rush” to exit and get into the safety of his car when the photographers swarmed outside.

‘They could be the queen and I don’t notice’, John said.”

Furnish also went on to say he remembered the complainant and describe him by saying, ‘he was a good, fun, engaging person’.

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